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Vulgäre, Deutsche Hassmusik

Germany Country of Origin: Germany

1. Anrufung
2. Der Teufel Hat's Gesandt
3. Bizarr Und Erbärmlich
4. Da Ist Nichts
5. Tränensäufer
6. Wer Schlug Deinen Abel Tot?
7. Te Deum
8. Niederes Gewürm
9. Gnadenwille
10. Sendung Und Segen

Review by Felix on June 18, 2023.

Sometimes it’s a blessing not to understand every word – and vice versa. But this “Vulgar German Hate Music”, well, the title does not promise too much, leaves me no chance to ignore the lyrics. Eisenkult celebrate their cynical, disgusting, violent, anti-religious poetry in my mother tongue. No nice experience – but it was surely not the band’s aim to spend us some cosy hours. Both their lyrics and their music are rather a stimulation for a successful killing spree. But not today, it is very hot outside and I am too lazy for such nonsense.

Music-wise, Eisenkult haven’t modified their approach. Clerical parts are not forbidden, angry outbursts challenge the listener and almost optimistic keyboard lines give the whole thing a diabolically mocking note. Speaking of the keyboards, one can discuss their more or less massive appearance. Already the first reviewer said that this is no typical black metal album and this is absolutely correct. The beginning of 'Niederes Gewürm' could be taken from a nursery rhyme collection. But in combination with the hateful voice, the lyrics (they are written from the point of view of an envious, uptight know-it-all in the metal scene) and some sharp riffs, the whole thing gets another character. A foul, sickly stench spreads – in this song and during the entire album, even in the mild, melodic parts which are often equipped with clean vocals. If I am not completely wrong, this was exactly the intention of the band during the recording process. Thus, they have been successful concerning the implementation of their artistic vision. Nevertheless, I wish they would have integrated less calm, occasionally nearly dreamy sections. Ten percent more fury would have been no bad idea. I want more pumping, cutting riffs like those which kick off 'Der Teufel Hat’s Gesandt'. Yet Eisenkult still surf a wave between Mavorim and Eisregen and that does not exclude abrupt, almost whimsical breaks. In this context, too, 'Der Teufel Hat’s Gesandt' serves as an example.

I cannot ignore the feeling that some of the breaks are at the expense of the album’s coherence. On the other hand, they make Vulgäre, Deutsche Hassmusik interesting and unpredictable. Nevertheless, the songs I enjoy most are the more homogeneous ones like 'Bizarr Und Erbärmlich'. The sawing riffs, the dark undertone, the profound heaviness and the commanding voice – everything goes hand in hand and the result is excellent. Even the keyboards do not go their own way in this song and deliver a more or less menacing melody instead of happy tone sequences. The following 'Da Ist Nichts' also marks an almost generic black metal track, full of verve, inner strength and bitterness. Even this song holds a short keyboard reverie, that’s true, but it is mainly based on a dense, metallic hailstorm.

The transparent sound combines pressure with directness. Eisenkult do not fail in terms of the technical execution. Better still, they have a talent for the creation of thrilling melodies. Okay, that is only logical in view of the involvement of Mavorim’s Baptist. This guy never seems to sleep, not to mention failing musically. Furthermore, the songs are variable, not progressive, and so it needs two or three spins to realize their full force. In other words, the album has grown on me. But I have to come back to the lyrics. In 'Niederes Gewürm' they sing (in German): everything after the nineties is shit. But this is wrong! Everything after the eighties is shit, haha! (Of course with the exception of Eisenkult, Mavorim and about 1,287 other bands.)

Rating: 8 out of 10