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Blood Era

Poland Country of Origin: Poland

1. The Age Of Contempt
2. Conquer The Christians
3. Blood Era
4. Eternal War
5. Scars Of Sanctity
6. Heralds Of Pestilence
7. Icon Of Sin
8. I Am Death Incarnate
9. Nails

Review by Arek on February 23, 2023.

Blood Era is the fourth album by the Warsaw band, but also the first one in this line-up. It turned out that after Mindless Mass Th0rn (creator of this death metal machine) had to complete the line-up again. Although the so-called 'young blood' was not too young, the energy that this album is boiling with you can almost touch. For 20 years Sphere has not strayed even an inch from the path strewn with corpse sounds and has no intention of lowering the level of brutality. Some will praise them for it, and others will rebuke them, but in order to make an assessment, you have to listen to their new album.

No Sphere album can be said to be weak, bland, etc. On the contrary, each was 100% death metal with little technical elements and encouraging samples. However, each subsequent one raised the bar higher and higher and so it is with Blood Era. These 9 pieces of pure death metal don't bring anything new to this genre, which has been prophesied to die and waste into oblivion more than once but was reborn even stronger time and time again. On Blood Era the guitars sound more bloody. Vocals, although still created on the border of death/grind, seem to be extracted from the throat of Lucifer himself. It is hard to find any fault with the rhythm either. Every breakdown, even the slightest, unleashes an explosion and barbaric blast cannonade right after. The new version of Sphere A.D. 2022 also brings solos in rather exquisite form and melody. So it's not surprising that Dave Suzuki himself was invited to play solo in 'Conquer The Christians'. And here I have to bow my head to Paul, because his performances are not inferior to the master. Yes, it is the solos and well-chosen samples that are the salt and pepper in this blood-dripping dish. A dish to which I invite everyone, although I am aware that not everyone will be able to digest it. For statistical purposes, I will add that in 'Conquer The Christians' Damien Boynton, heard in Desolation, Vital Remains and Season Of Suffering, performed vocals.

Undoubtedly, every fan of this musical massacre should listen to this album at least once, because once the gates of hell are open, it is impossible to close it. Why anyway, why not let death do its work? On Blood Era it's the same grim reaper you heard from early Deicide, Immolation or Vital Remains. He has the same scythe, and death ends in death. So what for? And why do we listen to Slayer again and again, why do we push ourselves to the next mountain peak after we've won one? There is no point in continuing to multiply questions and answers. Perhaps you will find meaning in these beautiful yet brutal sounds.

Concluding these arguments, I must add that a worthy complement to the music is the all red and black booklet with elements of death's sleep graphic design. So if you value aesthetic quality, this item certainly encourages you to reach for the CD or LP. Believe me it's worth it.

Rating: 8.6 out of 10