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Italy Country of Origin: Italy

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: August 26th, 2022
Genre: Black, Heavy
1. June 6, 6:00 AM
2. He Is Born
3. I Die For You
4. Repulsion For The Sacred
5. The Son Of The Devil
6. Megiddo
7. The Truth Buried In The Cemetery
8. Kill Damien
9. Outro

Review by Felix on February 16, 2023.

Pictures in the internet show that Malamorte is the project of a man with a very dubious make-up style. This makes sense, because the musical offering on Omen can also be described with this adjective – to say the least. An occult touch (see titles like 'June 6, 6.00 AM') meets more or less traditional heavy metal that lacks surprising twists and turns, and, even worse, compositional class. This Italian edition of Alice Cooper presents 36 minutes of pretty defensively produced metal. That’s no opulent meal, but the songs are still too long ('He Is Born'). The choruses want to be catchy, but due to the expressionless vocals and some terribly arranged melody lines (the kitschy 'I Die for You', 'Kill Damian'), they do not have the intended impact. Thank God, the fourth song 'Repulsion Of The Sacred' proves evidence that a casual riff has crept in every now and then, but all in all, the song remains toothless and proves once again that the band / the artist lacks the feeling for good choruses.

The more I listen to this work, the more I wonder about who the target group for this vapid nonsense could be. Probably most likely people who would like Judas Priest if they weren't so wild, young and spontaneous. It’s always a tragedy to listen to dusty songs that want to be modern. 'Megiddo' sounds more or less like fake metal, a pop song with some wannabe heavy guitars. But okay, I should not forget to mention the satanic “six, six, six” shouts. This lends the song credibility massively… Any form of progressive metal does not occur here, I just mention it in order to warn you: do not even think of Mercyful Fate. Malamorte play in another league in terms of style, expressiveness and quality. The Danes and further true occult bands convey more evil in one song than the here reviewed band during the entire album.

Be that as it may, perhaps there is someone out there who has been waiting for cautious, relatively simple metal without serious technical defects? This one is for you. But honestly speaking, you definitely miss something better while listening to this. It is probably no wonder that this is the first review for Malamorte, although the discography covers already six albums. This one is starting weak and it’s getting weaker, the more times I have tried to give it a chance.

Rating: 2.2 out of 10