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The 8 Circuits Of Unconsciousness

Germany Country of Origin: Germany

1. Sea Of Disapproval
2. Turn On, Tune In, Fuck Off
3. (We Are The) G.O.A.T.
4. Colubrum In Sinu Fovebas (Serpent Vision)
5. Possessed By Life
6. Firdaus.0
7. While My Guitar Violently Pukes
8. Of Vanishing And Vanity

Review by Michael on March 5, 2023.

My first question about Sunshine And Lollipops was about the cover of the album The 8 Circuits Of Unconsciousness. Why do the children all look so serious, even slightly angry? Because the hyena is not dancing along, or because the hyena is so big compared to the children? Maybe because the children know what kind of music is hidden on the CD? Who knows?
Well, you are also a bit confused when you buy a CD as an unsuspecting person, thinking that the band will spread good mood just because it is called Sunshine And Lollipops. This is not the case at all....

On their second album Sunshine And Lollipops counter all black metal clichés and exaggerate the usual trademarks of this style in a very cool way, which is really fun, similar to the crazy guy from Goat (Denmark). This starts with the band photos, goes over the video to the lyrics. Stylistically, the trio from the German capital wanders somewhere between black, thrash, punk and especially the vocals remind me here and there of grindcore in the style of Nasum. So if you like your music as varied and multifaceted as possible, Sunshine And Lollipops is exactly the right address.

The album is divided into two parts - the A-side is called "The Sublunary Circuits", the B-side "The Superlunatic Circuits". 'Seal Of Disapproval' is a fast black metal thumper, in the style of old Mysticum, with cool distorted guitars and psychedelic vocals. Whereby also old Slayer might be a reference with the one or other high scream of fronter Alex. '(We Are The) G.O.A.T.' rocks with a Manilla Road "Necropolis"-like riff and is a pretty snotty punk-thrash song with cool lyrics. 'Colubrum In Sinu Fovebas (Serpent Vision)' on the other hand starts very quiet, in its course it turns into a classic black metal song with a very catchy bridge and sher Scandinavian influenced riffs, while the vocals sound very DSBM-like. 'Possessed By Life' at the beginning is very reminiscent of the very underrated 'Get What You Deserve' phase of Sodom, but quickly the song moves into a pretty fiddly and technical guitar affair, only to become very catchy and slightly punky again. 'Firdaus.O' is probably the song on the album that stands out the most. Somehow the whole thing sounds like Danzig on a very bad trip. Positively meant. Dirty, vicious and antisocial. After a short instrumental intermezzo comes the album closer 'Of Vanishing & Vanity', which at the beginning is very reminiscent of DSBM bands like Shining, but alternates quite casually between this and a very catchy middle section with German lyrics.

The 8 Circuits Of Unconsciousness has become a very entertaining album, that at least for me is fun and above all impresses with its unpredictability and freshness. I hope that the band does not need 6 years again to compose a successor!

Rating: 9 out of 10 giant hyenas