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Witchcraft And Necro Desecration

Portugal Country of Origin: Portugal

Witchcraft And Necro Desecration
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: May 19th, 2023
Genre: Black
1. Satanik Night
2. Witches Curse
3. Witchcraft And Necro Desecration
4. Unholy Sorcery
5. Gallows Rites

Review by Felix on April 3, 2023.

Is there a sulphurous smell coming from your neighbor's flat by any chance? Or did he carve words like "black speed metal" or "My father's name is Satan" on his door? Or does said neighbor like to bite a rabid dog? If so, you probably live next door to a Gallows Rites musician.

Well, what doesn’t kill you (or him) only makes you (him) stronger. By the way, this debut EP from Portugal is already a strong statement. Musicians with sonorous names like “Hellkrätus” or “Evil Slaughter” rumble through the door with vicious imprecations, scowling riffs and flogging drum beats. And this is not just the door of their neighbors. The four-piece wants to spread its snotty, shabby sounds all over the global black thrashing underground. Their first five songs do not lack energy, malignancy or velocity. Their material, probably supported by the devil himself, greets albums like “Under The Sign Of The Moon” (Cruel Force). “Rise, Vulcan Spectre” (Nekromantheon) or “Dawn Of Domination” (Bastardizer). No doubt, this is the sound that dirty, scruffy creatures like – and even well-educated citizens like me, haha.

The constantly biting guitars (which rely on an almost acidic sound) characterize the mix. Of course, the blasphemous barking of the lead vocalist also contributes to the subversive overall impression that makes Lucifer smile. Only two spoken intros provide a minimum of variety – and the extremely promising start of 'Unholy Sorcery' which seems to be inspired by early Desaster. It’s nearly a pity that its somehow medieval touch is blown away by the inferno that regains control after 50 seconds. Maybe the first full-lengths offers the option to give more space for this sound facet of the band. Anyway, here rules the axe. Nobody sang these four dudes lullabies which explained the advantages of a subtle approach. I am happy about this fact, because Witchcraft And Necro Desecration sends some comforting shivers down my spine. It brings back these outlaw vibes which once were (part of) the motivating force that made heavy metal rise.

But that’s not all; the EP with rotten rockets like 'Satanik Night' is free from downers. Okay, the intro to the closer and band anthem 'Gallows Rites' is too long, but who cares? There are definitely worse things in life. A day without alcohol. No nice woman far and wide. Mondays. Or a neighbor who does not like to listen to good music (read: blackened thrash). So turn up your stereo system and let him lend an ear to the great music of Gallows Rites – whether he likes it or not.

Rating: 8 out of 10