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All Hail The Night

United States Country of Origin: United States

1. Black Leather Wings
2. Neon Babylon
3. Let The Night Run Red
4. Suffer For Me
5. Breaker
6. Devilwolf

Review by Vladimir on April 12, 2023.

It’s time for some horror and occult themed black/thrash metal with punk influences, but more specifically, it’s time for a new release by All Hell from the US. Their brand-new EP titled All Hail The Night is set to be released via Terminus Hate City Records on April 14th, comprised of 6 tracks.

The opener on this EP is the track 'Black Leather Wings' which from the very get-go throws some nasty black-thrashing riffs in your face, along with your expected harsh singing vocals and everyone’s favorite d-beat drumming, telling you exactly what devilish journey you’re about to embark. The third 'Let The Night Run Red' has some slightly grim touch added to that already established black-thrashing riffing and d-beat drumming, throwing in some nice Celtic Frost riffing and even some double-bass drumming. 'The Devilwolf', whilst being the closing track on this EP, brings back the nice grimness to the Celtic Frost riffing and d-beat drumming, providing a nice devilish closure to this black-thrashing badassery. Even though the EP has a total of 6 tracks, it really doesn't feel like it's that many due to a short runtime of each song. The tracks on the first half of the EP are all about 3 or 3 and a half minutes , while the tracks on the second half are either 2 minutes or even shorter like 'Breaker' which is one and a half minutes. I know it's a standard thing with bands that incorporate punk styled metal, but this really did feel like a quick jump to conclusion. This might be my only issue with the release, since it really bothers me that the very moment I begin to enjoy each song is just less than a minute away before I know it’s over, but after all considering the fact that it is an EP, I probably shouldn’t have had such high expectations. This however shouldn’t pose a great deal of threat, especially if you’re hungry for some dose of sweet black/thrash metal with punk influences. What I liked about the EP’s sound production is the fact that the guitar tone is so dirty where I really felt like it was borderline Celtic Frost tone with that nice sharpness to it.

This EP might have been a short delight, but I must say that it surely was a sweet one. All Hell really seems like a nice combination of all things that you expect to find on an oldschool extreme metalhead’s playlist, especially from the one that’s obsessed with 80’s horror movies, first wave black metal, thrash metal and crust/hardcore punk. For the fans of underground and punk influenced black/thrash metal, I recommend that you check out All Hell and their new EP All Hail The Night

Rating: 7.8 out of 10