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In Oculus Abyss

Netherlands Country of Origin: Netherlands

1. Menstrual Blood And Pomegranate
2. From Under The Floorboard
3. Murder Me
4. Drowning In Knowledge
5. Insectoid
6. The Die Is Cast
7. Public Masturbation
8. Gang Mahal
9. Purple Void

Review by Alex Grindor on May 25, 2023.

An "In Crescendo" maelstrom of darkness welcomes you to In Oculus Abyss, the newest release from Teitan. A solo project spearheaded by Devi Hisgen, Teitan showcases a psychotic brand of black metal, with constant twists and turns, atonal harmonies and maniacal voices. This new offering of Teitan is over 40 minutes of dissonant songwriting with plenty of experimentation and vocals filled with tormented emotion and madness.

Musically, Devi is a master of his craft. Teitan excels in the use of chaotic riffs and harmonies, without giving fully to it. His drumwork is absolutely commendable, with a constant brutality that leaves room for some peace amidst the chaos. However, I find his vocals to be the most mesmerizing aspect of this album. His constant shift in vocalizations and blending of them is amazing. It features a wide array of vocals, from sinister whispering to demonic shrieks. All these aspects are mixed perfectly in the record, with a harrowing combination of nostalgic melodies and jarring guitars that creates an oppressive atmosphere, to which a wide array of sounds is added. Despite its constant twists and turns there is an unrelenting fury in the music that, even in its most calm moments, builds a constant tension towards what comes next. Again, Devi is a master of his craft of black metal and In Oculus Abyss shows him growing ever more ferociously.

Production wise, everything is well balanced. Every instrument is clearly audible. Vocals are well balanced and mixed properly. Nothing detracts nor distracts from any other instrument, allowing for a wonderful experience. Although I do feel that the guitars (at moments) are at the "back" of the mix, it is of no greater consequence and, most importantly, the tracks are so well put together that the entire record can loop without you noticing (as it happened to me while listening
to it). This showcases that Davi's vision for this album worked flawlessly.

With an excellent production, a great mixture of jarring madness and haunting melancholy, topped with a monstrous display of vocals, In Oculus Abyss is a haunting album that deserves every bit of your attention. As Teitan itself explains this album; "Nine pieces about existentialist philosophy, translated to experimental black metal." And the pay-off of such work is an exquisite experience in avant-garde black metal. If you enjoy DHG, Deathspell Omega, Hail Spirit Noir, Mayhem and similar artists, this is a choice you will not regret.

To be released May 26th via Onism Productions / Void Wanderer Productions.

Rating: 9.2 out of 10