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Greece Country of Origin: Greece

1. The Divine Infinity
2. God Of Hate
3. Herald Of Pain
4. Merciless
5. Prisoner
6. Consume - Obey
7. Murder
8. Welcome To Hell
9. No Turning Back
10. Soul Collector

Review by Felix on May 8, 2023.

Greek thrashers Riffobia haven’t taken the world by storm so far, but this is not their guilt. Instead, this is just reality in an unfair world with myriads of disoriented people who have a miserable music taste. Thank God, none of those losers is visiting this site and so we can talk about Riffobia’s new album in a relaxed manner – although, thank God again, the music is anything but laid-back.

Some music managers think the third album is the make it or break it work and some others say that a self-titled full-length has to deliver an outstanding statement. I don’t care about this gossip, I just want to listen to a good collection of thrash songs. This is exactly what Riffobia dishes up. The album reaches its absolute peak with the powerful, robust and fiery 'Consume – Obey'. Each and every tone of this masterpiece fits perfectly and the staccato of the shouted two-word-chorus is a nice contrast to the brilliant flow of the song. The solo part attacks without mercy as well and especially this highlight makes the crystal clear, bone-dry and aggressive production shine in full glory. It’s a direct and hard-hitting kick in the face. Hopefully, you all have the money for a new set of false teeth.

Evidently, the quartet enjoys its own music. The dude’s joy of playing is omnipresent. The lively guitar work, the precise and incorruptible drumming and the pretty f**ked up vocals are presented with a high portion of dedication and hooray, even the bass guitar is audible (from time to time). Yet it is in particular the guitar power which makes the album to a sovereign representative of the subgenre in terms of quality and quantity. Yes, the length of 40 minutes is a more or less important factor here, because compared with their first two works, we get ten extra minutes and so there is room for the almost epic closer. 'Soul Collector' does not offer another high speed devastation, but it sets its focus on a dark aura with howling guitars and creepy parts at the beginning and the end. It’s a – very late – kind of thrash metal answer to AC/DC’s “Night Prowler”. Moreover, the tumultuous guitars in the background during the last section of the closer is almost able to send pleasant shivers down my spine, because it reminds me a bit of the fantastic ending of “Hardening Of The Arteries”.

'Death From Above' had a more promising, more atmospheric intro, but over the entire distance, Riffobia gains the award for the best album of the four-piece so far. Consequently, the upward trend continues, as the second album was already better than the debut. Perhaps due to its stable line-up, the band plays in a very tight manner. Okay, one can say that a few tracks are “only” thrash business as usual, for example 'God Of Hate', but come on: there is not much better music to find outside than ordinary thrash. Anyway: if the combat unit from the cradle of European culture is able to integrate a few more catchy sections without letting the reins slip, their fourth full-length will be a milestone.

Rating: 8.2 out of 10