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DSM​-​5. The New Chapter

Belarus Country of Origin: Belarus

DSM​-​5. The New Chapter
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: February 4th, 2022
Label: Independent
Genre: Death, Grindcore
1. Searching The Perfect Shade
2. The Power Of Broken
3. Blinded By The Majesty Of Own Mind
4. Healing With Fury
5. Psilocybin Recombination
6. Faith Imitation
7. A Sense Of The Breath Of A Flame
8. Crimson Tones Dreams
9. Individual Perception Of Psychoanalysis
10. The Supreme Form Of Evolution
11. DSM​-​5. The New Chapter

Review by Carl on June 20, 2023.

Before we get into the meat of this cd, I'd like you to focus your attention on the cover art. Go on, take a gander. Now you might be thinking that it's just a vase of flowers, but it's not until you take another look when you start noticing the splattered blood and body parts on there. Once you've spotted that, there is no more denying that this is some bitchin' cover art, right? You just gotta love art that comes at you in waves like that. It's something different than the depraved slaughter or dystopian landscape art that adorns a lot of death metal releases these days, and I love it! And with that out of the way, let's talk music!

Stylistically, you could place Grimentity between late 90's brutal death metal such as Lividity, Disgorge (US), Fleshgrind and Incestuous, and the death/grind style as it was popular around that same time in Germany and Eastern Europe, with acts like Ingrowing, Kadath, Nyctophobic and Abortion. Blast beat driven ferocity is alternated with groovier stomp, with the fat and heavy riffing holding the tracks firmly together. The vocals are a two-pronged attack of a gruff grunt and a ferocious scream that had me thinking of classic US grinders such as Terrorizer and Hemdale, thus establishing a genuine grindcore feel throughout. There are some winks and nods to the later works of Misery Index and Napalm Death in the guitar work as well, ensuring a good amount of variation, while keeping it all aggressive and fierce. This is a dose of way above average grinding death metal, and all into late 90's/early 00's bands such as Dying Fetus, Exhumed, Skinless and Resurrected should be able to find something to like in here.

When it comes to production I'm a bit torn here, honestly. It all sounds effin' massive, with everything neatly balanced out, but while the guitars sound heavy as fuck and the vocals make for an aggressive performance, the percussion sounds that bit too compressed to my liking. I guess that this is more or less a case of taste on my part, but if the drums had sounded just that bit more organic, it would have given the already ripping music even more punch.

I'm going to wrap this one up by saying that this is a pretty banging affair, sounding massive whilst oozing aggression, and it should be able to strike a nerve with all who like death metal/grindcore with an old school brutal death metal edge to it. If you feel any kind of nostalgia for the late 90's death metal scene (like me), these guys are sure worth checking out!

rating: 8.5 out of 10