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Taking Care Of Business Is Our Business... And Business Is Good

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Taking Care Of Business Is Our Business... And Business Is Good
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Type: Split
Release Date: September 15th, 2021
Label: Independent
Genre: Brutal, Death, Grindcore
2. Escape/Departure
3. Necrotwerker
4. Frontiers
5. Dabbed
6. No, We Don't Want To Do A Charity Comp On Your Stupid Fucking Label

Review by Carl on September 9, 2023.

As a first, I'd like to say that that is a brilliant title right there, equal parts funny as it is ridiculous. The same can also be said about the cover art, with its gory images and a picture of I don't know who, but he looks like a cross between the guy from "Funkytown" and Balki from "Perfect Strangers". Combined with the pink logo's, it does not require a whole lot of imagination to conclude that this is going to firmly fall into goregrind territory. Luckily not the ridiculous part of goregrind, because this little ditty delivers a mean dose of distorted and especially gory delight!

Kicking off proceedings is Putrid Stu. Landing neatly between Last Days Of Humanity and Mortician soundwise, this packs a good punch right from the get-go. Downtuned and heavily distorted riffing that keeps the middle between stomping groove and chaotic blastbeat frenzy with a fat dose of gurgling effect vocals plopped right on top of it, this scratches the goregrind itch without fail. At times ol' Stu here even reminds me of Hemdale with the primitive death metal-flecked grinding madness on offer here. With a ballsy production that fits this type of filth-ridden aural insanity like a glove, this is a great offering of gory delight for all into the style. The (dare I say it) "St Anger" snare wasn't really necessary for me, but these 5 tracks are over before that gets the chance to start grating my already frayed nerves, so this one's easily forgiven.

Fluids for their part of this split take things just that bit further into the Mortician realm of death/grind, with their style of (again) downtuned riffing, fuzzed-out bass guitar, programmed blast beat chaos and guttural vocals, without effect on them, this time. Their approach is comparable to that of Putrid Stu, with the difference being that Fluids bring a bigger metallic edge to the proceedings. Savage grinding death metal is what's on the menu here, and just believe me that it tastes gooood!! The production is however of a somewhat lesser quality than that of Putrid Stu, though. It still sounds pretty massive and brutal, but in the faster sections the (boxy) percussion and vocals push the guitars in the background, giving proceedings a bit of a chaotic (yet still menacing) feel. This production may not be pretty, but dammit, does this sound unhinged!

This split is a nice offering of head-caving brutality and bone-shattering heaviness, poured into frenetic short songs and sure to please all into savagely executed Mortician worship. There are little to no traces of any reprehensible party grind nonsense, and both bands opt for frothing at the mouth brutality throughout. As it should be!

By the way: if anyone can tell me who the bloke on the cover is, let me know. I'm kinda wondering.

Rating: 8 out of 10