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Make Them Beg For Death

United States Country of Origin: United States

Make Them Beg For Death
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: September 8th, 2023
Genre: Brutal, Death, Grindcore
1. Enlighten Through Agony
2. Compulsion For Cruelty
3. Feast Of Ashes
4. Throw Them In The Van
5. Unbridled Fury
6. When The Trend Ends
7. Undulating Carnage
8. Raised In Victory / Razed In Defeat
9. Hero's Grave
10. Subterfuge

Review by TheOneNeverSeen on September 2, 2023.

Dying Fetus are one of my favorite death metal bands as well as one of the most consistent acts in the genre. Not only have they never released a bad album, but also the quality of their albums has not waned over time. Indeed, Descend into Depravity and Reign Supreme are some of its best works despite having been released around 10 years after the band's inception. I was very excited for Make Them Beg For Death thanks to the impeccable singles 'Compulsion for Cruelty' and 'Unbridled Fury' and it definitely met my expectations, for it confirms the band is still killing it once again, being a consistent piece of ferocity and energy that any fan of the band will enjoy.

To start off, the album is flawless sound-wise. Its production is rawer compared to Wrong One To Fuck With, it's more akin to Reign Supreme, one of the band's best albums sound-wise. The ringing bass, the rampant drums, unrelenting chuggy guitars and John Gallagher's growls, brutal as always combine to shake the listener with the enormous might any Dying Fetus fan is familiar with. The feeling of the album is consistently intense with nothing breaking its boiling avalanche. In other words, all the beloved elements of Dying Fetus's music are present.

As for the song structure, the album is less technical than its predecessor, once again returning to the style of Reign Supreme. However, the number of memorable tracks is even higher than on the band's seventh album, for almost every song stands out in some way and contains at least one distinctive element that will cause one to want to relisten to it (with the exception of 'Enlighten Through Agony' and 'Raised In Victory / Razed In Defeat', both of which could be called "yet another Dying Fetus song"). The evil riff of 'Compulsion for Cruelty', the bone-breaking speed of 'Feast of Ashes', the crushing might of 'Throw Them in the Van' (arguably the best 1-minute track the band wrote after 'Kill Your Mother/Rape Your Dog'), the intensifying brutality and spectacular solo of 'Unbridled Fury' (not a masterpiece like that of 'Vengeance Unleashed', but still terrific), the sardonic feeling and the alteration between vocal lines and the sick riff around the middle of 'When the Trend Ends' and killing intro and tempo drops of 'Subterfuge' keep the listener engaged and make the record more memorable. As always, the band skillfully uses tempo changes and combination of chuggy riffs with complex melodies, harmonies and solos alongside insane drumming to create an unrelenting and unpredictable wall of sound (most notably on 'Undulating Carnage' and 'Hero's Grave'), adding even more to its immense energy.

In conclusion, Make Them Beg for Death is a death metal masterpiece and yet another brilliant album in Dying Fetus's discography, as well as one of the best death metal releases this year. Perfect for working out, cleaning your house and making presents for your loved ones.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10