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Nostalgia For The Dark Age

Netherlands Country of Origin: Netherlands

Nostalgia For The Dark Age
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 2003
Label: Spectral Arts Productions
Genre: Black
1. The Cold Dungeons Of Solitude
2. The Conquering Of Humanity
3. The Ancient Shadow
4. The Astral Gate To Infinity
5. Nostalgia For The Dark Age
6. Autumn Storm
7. Endless Sight
8. The Centre Of Chaos (Domain Of The Ravens)

Review by Felix on February 3, 2024.

It is only a myth that the metal community distinguishes itself through its special values like friendship or anti-commercialism. But sometimes it happens that these values are taken to heart and put into practice. Due to such a behaviour, I am able to write a review for the debut of Infinity. First of all, thanks to the guy who made this possible.

The first full-length of the Dutch servants of darkness does not have the flair of a "normal" debut. No, I do not mean that the typical energetic approach of debutants is missing. The compositions demonstrate the right amount of power and energy. I am focussing on another detail; all songs shine with very matured configurations. Sometimes I react with a sceptical frown when being confronted with very epic elaborations on a debut. But Infinity are able to manage the challenging task. Instead of delivering ill-defined, overlong pieces that leave nothing except a slightly embarrassing impression, the duo comes up with cleverly designed songs. Despite their excessive formatting, they do not lack of repetitiveness. The band also avoids an inadequate amount of progressiveness. Additionally, it is surprising that the protagonists have already found their style. With regard to the musical direction, the songs of this album could be also part of their last work, the brilliant "Non de Hac Terra".

Let's have a closer look at the quality of the songs which cannot fully compete with those of the band's later works. Anything else would have been a surprise. To be more exact, more memorable parts would have been desirable. This is not to say that the songs just pass by without any sustainability. Rather, Infinity create a very dense atmosphere while using the typical stylistic devices of the black genre. Raw vocals meet dark guitar lines, tempo changes are dexterously integrated and some atmospheric parts show up as well. Simply speaking, I like this cocktail, not at least because of the appropriate number of melodies that Infinity offer. They have a keen sense for the balance of fairly harmonious parts and rapid sections. "The Astral Gate to Infinity", for instance, starts with a sinister line that takes the listener on a journey to occult and sunless regions. But this almost considerate beginning is just one facet of the song which also presents an intensive mid-part and forcefully pounded drums. Okay, I must point out that a few sections of the songs do not reach the highest tier of excitement. I don't mind. This work constitutes the first official result of the group and absolutely flawless debuts are rare. How many have been released since the publications of "Bonded By Blood" and "Seven Churches"?

In technical terms, the band has not set the focus on transparency, clarity or differentiation. This is no disadvantage, because the album also does not sound muddy or blurred. Rather, the technical implementation produces a misty and dense atmosphere. This is not the worst choice for an album that expresses the longing for the past. To put it plainly, the mix does not endanger the aural experience.

I have learnt that "Nostalgia for the Dark Age" is hardly available. Consequently, it does not make much sense to recommend this actually worthwhile album. Thus, I am going one step further. I can say with a clear conscience that each and every full-length of the Dutch horde is recommendable. All of you who have a weakness for mid-harsh black metal should be at least familiar with their best album, the glorious "Non de Hac Terra".

Rating: 7.5 out of 10