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Morbid Origin

Norway Country of Origin: Norway

1. Intro
2. Death Reigns
3. Age Of Reprisal
4. Chained To The Void
5. Children Of Demise
6. Extinction
7. Morbid Origin
8. Perennial Slaves
9. Lethal Salvation

Review by Michael on December 8, 2023.

So here we finally have the third album Morbid Origin by Norwegian black-thrashers Inculter. Kicking off with a very emotional and melodic intro, they don't take any prisoners with the first song 'Death Reigns'. Produced pretty raw and reminding very much of their countrymen Nekromantheon (sorry Stian, couldn't avoid this one) they spread a lot of old school thrash flair like Slayer in their “Hell Awaits”-era or focusing more on the guitar work, very old German thrash heroes.

But unlike in the past, they also throttle down the tempo in some songs and play some more mid-paced thrash which kicks ass nevertheless. 'Age Of Reprisal' is a slow but pretty catchy one which again reminds of Slayer (“Seasons In The Abyss”) only Remis' vocals sound much rawer than Tom Araya did and also the production is much more archaic. With the title track they have a very rousing one with again a very Slayeresque-riffing. This is old school thrash deluxe. Galloping drums go hand in hand with some very dramatic riffing and vocals here and this is predestined to be a real live killer song. But whoever does not want to be bored with some catchy or mid-tempo tuned stuff, might check 'Children Of Demise' which is a really fast thrash song in the vein of old Sodom or Destruction. I guess they listened a lot to “Agent Orange” and “Persecution Mania” while writing this one. Again the vocals are pretty rough and full of hate and spread this cool raw 80s flair. 'Perennial Slaves' is a full contrast to this all. This is more doom than anything else, very atmospheric and dark and shows a totally different aspect in the compositional skills of Inculter. I guess this is a love it or hate it song and this might be the most controversial one on Morbid Origin.

Finishing with 'Lethal Salvation' this one starts like an applied handbrake before the song explodes. Once again we can hear some very groovy mid-tempo black-thrash with a lot of demanding breaks and some Celtic Frost vibes and my guess would be that Inculter didn't write this album just to please anyone but rather to challenge the listeners. So this project they fully accomplished because it might take some time to acces the album fully but once you're in, you won’t leave it that fast!

Rating: 8 out of 10