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No Dawn For The Caliginous Night

Finland Country of Origin: Finland

1. Graveless Yet Dead
2. Atychiphobia
3. Between Aether And Land
4. Lepers And Derelicts
5. Procession

Review by Alex Grindor on November 17, 2023.

Join this procession, as Convocation's third album shrouds you in bleakness and pain toppled with crushing instrumentation, monstrous vocals and melancholic orchestration. No Dawn For The Caliginous Night is an exercise in funeral doom as it should be properly executed, without eschewing any ounce of brutality in the process.

Beginning with a brief atmospheric intro, Convocation bursts through the peace without warning, delivering churning riffs that each feel like your chest is being battered with a maul. The drums are as crushing (if not more) as the guitars and bass, with a constant slow-paced pummel that further accentuates the funerary aspect of the music. The vocals are downright monstrous; a deep guttural that is sparingly joined by a painful shriek that turns the funerary procession into a wailing mob. The additional instrumentation and guest vocals further complement and enhance the experience, as each is distributed in the right amount to make the atmosphere even more depressive and melancholic.

Production wise, there isn't much to say. Everything is in its right place and no instrument overshadows the other. Crystal clear yet crunchy guitar sound, reverb-drenched vocals and a quite spacious drum sound, but as stated before, no one is above the rest, even the guest vocals and instrumentation are perfectly audible and entwined into one single musical entity. Music wise, it is a constant lurching drone (as is the way of funeral doom) that drains you completely but uplifts you in some way. Still, there is some variety in time and metric that will sate your curiosity, even if the music never strays from the same path.

Convocation's third LP is funeral doom done right and greatly recommended for fans of the style in question. If you can spare an hour, devote yourself to experiencing No Dawn For The Caliginous Night. If you enjoy Disembowelment, Skepticism, Weeping Sores and similar bands, then it is a must-listen for you.

Rating: 8.7 out of 10