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The Siege Of Ascalon

International Country of Origin: International

1. The Siege Of Ascalon
2. Cadmean Victory
3. An Iron Shroud
4. Anon We Are Fallen
5. Siege Of Power (Napalm Death Cover)

Review by Michael on October 16, 2023.

I know that it was a while ago that this EP was released (April 23) but it is still noteworthy. So here we go with the first “bigger” release by the German-American collaboration called Extermination Order named The Siege Of Ascalon. I guess everybody who is into death metal and who is having a look at the logo and the cover artwork will think instantly about the opus magnum “The IVth Crusade” by Bolt Thrower. And with this thought you are not too wrong.

Of course Extermination Order isn't a shear Bolt Thrower-rip off but there are a lot of similarities to the British role models and the band don't even make a secret out of this. I remember reading an interview where the band said that “what Lik is to Dismember, we do want to be to Bolt Thrower […] Without imagining that we can reach their level. Also the cover artwork doesn't want to hide where the road leads us”. Especially when it comes to the lead guitars the Bolt Thrower influences and here especially influences from their 1992 release with the slight oriental melodies they are performing are quite significant. Just check 'Cadmean Victory' and you will know what I mean. But I wouldn't speak off some individuality of the band on the EP because the thundering double bass and also a lot of the song arrangements are pretty interesting and nothing that you might find on any Bolt Thrower release in such a way. A good example for this is maybe 'An Iron Shroud' with some catchy riffs written in minor so that the song gets a very dramatic and epic touch. And in some parts you can clearly find out some Heaven Shall Burn-signatures because their guitarist Mike Weichert is also involved in Extermination Order.
At the end if you want Bolt Thrower, you can get a pure Bolt Thrower, too. 'Anon We Are Fallen' is a song that sticks together all the trademarks which made the Brits so popular: aggressive vocals, rousing riffs and driving drum patterns that leave no room to breathe.

Well, I guess the EP and the band might be polarizing and even debatable but because I like bands like Just Before Dawn or Graceless, this is a very nice little gem for me. I hope that this won't be the only release by the quintet. Oh and if you are interested in the lyrics, they are about (and you might already have gotten this) the Battle of Ascalon (a little bit north of the Gaza Strip) which was a part of the First Crusade back in 1099. It's some pretty interesting historical stuff to read about and a tragedy that is happening 1000 years later again there.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10