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Songes D'une Nuit Souillée

Canada Country of Origin: Canada

1. Chasse Obscène
2. Sacre De La Perversion
3. Foutredieu
4. Messe Scandaleuse
5. Sonata Impudicitiae
6. Lex Syphilii
7. Le Labour Des Chairs
8. La Nuit Souillée

Review by Felix on November 6, 2023.

Délétère is a band that has never disappointed so far. As a typical representative of the black metal scene from Quebec, they do not celebrate a unique sound, but they know for what sound they stand and they are a reliable partner for their supporters. Okay, the scene of the Canadian metropolis has already been more productive than today, but maybe the guys just concentrate on high quality releases? At least Songes D’une Nuit Souillée is another remarkable album. Already the first tones are able to send some shivers down your spine. A short introduction flows seamlessly into the first gloomy melody and the start of the powerful guitars adds the whole thing to a diabolic dynamic. A cold, sulphurous atmosphere is created and strict guitar lines characterize the opener. Aggressive and hateful lead, but solemn back vocals form an expressive contrast and so the listener can enjoy the work right from the get-go.

By the way, the almost clerically inspired back vocals show up many times, for example in the first highlight called 'Foutredieu'. But I must admit that they are not the most exciting detail here. Instead, the dynamic guitar line that kicks off the song is simply fantastic (and fortunately it returns as the song progresses). The first songs show sustainably that the band has not modified its sound in any way. Okay, the fifth track is pure piano horror. King Diamond will love it, I think it is too long and it hurts the flow of the album to a certain degree. However, the other seven tracks show the morbid beauty of black metal in general and especially of the scene in Quebec. This means that tempo shifts are rare, the focus is on a coherent flow and a nearly opaque density. Complexity is of minor relevance, but a high average velocity seems to be important. Occasionally the drums have an almost robotic touch during the high speed outbursts and some more or less standardized sections have crept in, but after all, Songes D’une Nuit Souillée sounds organic and powerful, well-balanced and massive.

Unfortunately my French is too bad to be able to talk about the lyrics in detail, but titles like 'Lex Siphilii', 'Sacre De La Perversion' or 'Messe Scandaleuse' promise delicate content. Either way, the musical performance stands on its own feet. The musical approach is homogeneous, not monotonous, and the Canadians avoid lukewarm or immature compositions. It’s a good feeling to experience how Délétère combine melodic guitar leads with the constantly raging inferno again and again. But that’s not all – they save the best for last. The quasi title track is full of drama, intensity, apocalyptic yet relatively melodic sounds and fervent lead vocals. A gloomy break is not missing as well, it kicks off the best, most intense segment of the song. Yet it is probably not necessary to mention that all parts of the multi-faceted monument add value to the track. So there can be no doubt in view of seven very good songs and an experimental intermezzo – Délétère keep the tradition. They still do not disappoint. Now it just needs a new Forteresse full-length too and Quebec is a very brightly shining star on the global metal map again.

Rating: 8 out of 10