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Den 6. Massedød (Manna Fra En Annen Himmel)

Norway Country of Origin: Norway

1. Den 6. Massedød (Manna Fra En Annen Himmel)
2. Inhumanitær Inngripen

Review by Felix on November 9, 2023.

Somewhere on my shelf a CD of Koldbrann is rotting. No, the album did not really cast a spell on me and I do not remember one single ton. But something undefinable triggered me to check out this single and yes, this is a surprisingly strong release. Ten years after their last full-length, Koldbrann celebrate the original grimness and misanthropy that bands like very early Gorgoroth once had (before they lost it much too soon). Raw and bitter, violent and uncompromising, this is how Den 6. Massedød ploughs through my ear canals. It's no orgy of complexity, but the song presents many facets. By contrast, the second song follows more linear ideas. It is straight, constantly pulsating and spreads a climate of terror. The guitars sound malicious, the solo guitar is almost melodic yet vehement, the drums have a cool sound and the vocals – well, they follow the genre's idea of adequate vocals. Thus, their hostile vibrations add the final touch to the big and pretty fascinating picture.

These two tracks will not appear on the next full-length in 2024, but they are definitely no lukewarm crap whose only function is to bring back the band's name into the headlines. Similar to bands like Urgehal, Koldbrann celebrate the sinister glory of black metal within these nine minutes very properly. They do not start a revolution, but nobody expected them to do this and perhaps nobody even wanted them to do this. The 7" has this diabolically cruel touch that indicates the authenticity and fanaticism of a black metal unit. The rapid 'Inhumanitær Inngripen' is maybe the better of two very strong tracks here, but this is probably just a matter of personal taste. If the upcoming album hits more or less the same degree of wicked quality, it deserves a chance as well. And maybe I even will give the old albums a new try. By the way, I have seen (to my surprise) that there are two CDs of their back catalogue in my collection...

Rating: 8 out of 10