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Disposing Slobs Of Corporal Fatberg

Taiwan Country of Origin: Taiwan

1. The Dark Coming Inside Now
2. Where Does The Chewed Food Go
3. Hair In The Woods
4. Bilge Water
5. Hellbroth
6. High Beams
7. Reeks Of Adipose Tissue
8. That's Not Sleep
9. Soon, Very Soon Now
10. Don't Encourage Them
11. It Can't Scream

Review by Carl on December 10, 2023.

Time for another one from the "Awesome Cover Art" files. Just look at that, and then try to convince me that this isn't as cool as all balls. Now, I am going to be completely honest, and admit that the presence of Larry Wang was also a big catalyst for getting this one. He's just awesome at slam, you know. But what about the music, you might be thinking? Well, let's find that out right now!

If you would ever get the question "what is slam death metal?", just pull out this album, because this is pretty much the embodiment of the style. Down-tuned guitar work leads us through songs that are pulled up by pulverizing staccato slamming sections, seething blast beat driven force and double kick drive plowing forth with all the fervour of a stationary running machine gun with an endless pile of ammo to disperse. Through this bulging load of brutality that alternates between heaviness and aggression with ease, we get the guttural vocals that burp, gurgle and squeal their way through proceedings. Because they are absolutely undecipherable throughout, there are moments where they simply cease to become a (ahem) singing style, and actually become part of the instrumentation, it seems. In its totality, this is an awesome and especially cruel dose of slam, and although the production is too digital and polished for my taste, I can certainly appreciate the remorseless delivery and crushing brutality on offer. Just too bad that there are again a load of spoken/movie samples scattered throughout the album, but that seems to be part of the slamming death package, I guess.

Original this ain't, not even by a long shot. You've heard this all before and in some parts it's not even that difficult to guess what part comes next, but what is delivered here, is brought to you with utmost conviction and precision. And while the movie samples don't add all that much to the whole, they break up proceedings well enough to avoid it all becoming one long song, and that's worth something too.

Speaking for myself, I can certainly appreciate this, but those who are really into the slamming death style will love it to death, for sure. And those who don't, a whole lot less, I can imagine.

Rating: 7 out of 10