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Untamed Force

Finland Country of Origin: Finland

1. Soldier's Grave
2. Birthright
3. Tolerance Of Abuse
4. Suffocating Routine
5. Oppression Fetish
6. Cold Comfort
7. Serve Your Purpose
8. Desensitized
9. Untamed Force

Review by Greg on November 28, 2023.

Amongst the numerous good things done by Power Trip in their regrettably short run, offering a substantial alternative to the beer/mosh-obsessed fringe of crossover thrash is surely at the top of the list. This more serious, oppressive path, while certainly difficult to nail, proves to be more than satisfying when bands manage to find the perfect approach to it. Finnish act Foreseen is undoubtedly the one who did it more successfully, as far as my own knowledge goes, while also presenting something 'new', even if the term is to be considered debatable from a literal standpoint.

Exceeding a mere Power Trip rehash, indeed, right from the Wehrmacht-styled artwork to the tastefully analog-sounding production, their latest effort Untamed Force looks like a lost '80s album that nobody ever heard of for some reason. Some of the vicious lyrics bring to mind the most politically charged bands of old like The Exploited, relentlessly shouted by means of Mirko Nummelin's riotous delivery (think Discharge's Cal Morris with even more venom), while the rest of the band doesn't seem relaxed either, judging from the razor-sharp, cut-throat riffing (or the fills thrown at unpredictable places, in the case of the drummer) pretty much like a modern incarnation of Carnivore would do. As you might have noticed from the bands mentioned so far, the four guys surely did their homework... and graduated with flying colours.

Yes, luckily, this same concept also extends to the songwriting. This shit is intense and memorable like the pioneers used to do, and with a short and sweet playing time of 32 minutes, you shouldn't fear any redundancy either. Much of the album comes and goes with few appropriate variations, all the while making you feel that same anger even without the need for a lyric sheet. And just like the slowest and longest number ('Cold Comfort') is mercilessly wiped away from the 100 mere seconds of unfiltered fury of 'Serve Your Purpose', Foreseen manage to keep everything nice and balanced under their strict control. The two songs that bookend Untamed Force are where the average thrasher will surely find their delight, while 'Oppression Fetish' ups the ante with several solos including a spot-on slower bridge, but really I can't end the review without mentioning 'Birthright', which is one of the absolute best examples of how to double the speed of your song mid-track and sound totally awesome. I swear, if they play it live and don't stir up a massive wall of death during the buildup at 1:40, it's gonna be the most wasted chance of their career.

Who would have thought that from Finland, of all places, could have come one of the most authentic and sincere, not to mention devastating, examples of crossover thrash? Truly what I needed in a time when some (annoying) voices in my head had begun suggesting I might have outgrown this style...

Rating: 8.9 out of 10