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New Era Part IV - Resurgence

Italy Country of Origin: Italy

New Era Part IV - Resurgence
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: October 20th, 2023
Label: Independent
Genre: Power
1. The Grin Of Revenge
2. The Evil Messiah
3. Face To Face
4. Dorian
5. Black Typhoon
6. Resurgence
7. All Is Lost
8. Derdian
9. Astar Will Come Back

Review by Lynxie on December 8, 2023.

The moment that I saw my favorite Italian stalwarts Derdian’s eighth studio release named New Era Part IV - Resurgence I had some premonition that this would be reminiscent, as the call-back to their earlier trilogy was inevitable. Not that I’m complaining in any ways; after all, I have faith in them to never walk down Sabaton’s path of destruction.

And I was not disappointed -- indeed songs like 'Dorian' or 'Resurgence' are the perfect resurgence of early anthems along the line of 'I Don’t Wanna Die', blistering on with all the neoclassical glory the Italian side could muster. The fantastical mood scattered about in just the right places. Whereas the likes of 'The Evil Messiah' or 'Derdian' could well be 'Write Your Epitaph' substitutes. Though I still find the sudden acoustic moment the former had towards the end jarring, albeit intriguing. I guess the best assertion I can make is that the overall formula is just pure Derdian goodness: classic Rhapsody-influenced neoclassical power metal with just a slight touch of experimental moments like the closing Limbo-reminiscent 'Astar Will Come Back'. It’s without doubt all epicness, but all catchiness as well. Besides, Pistolese can be fucking heavy with the riffs. And the devil’s presence made for some pretty neck-snapping, extreme moments on 'Black Typhoon' as he growled out his lines.

The only prior fear I had was due to the exit of one of my favorite keyboardists, Marco Garau. And yes, there is some obvious depletion with the keyboard works, especially my favorite sort of keyboard-guitar duels. Nevertheless, with Pistolese behind the songwriting Derdian’s glory is not diminished in one bit and I rest assured. Keys are the addendum for me at any rate, while I’ll always enjoy just some plain slick soloing like those on 'Resurgence' with the orchestra in the background. And to hear a ballad-gone-heavy number like 'All Is Lost' is a new experience for me with Derdian for sure.

All in all it would seem a lot of bands are making their comeback these days. First ‘Freedom Call is BACK!’ with their live album, now Derdian has proved themselves 'stronger than ever’ as part 4 of the Era Sagas drops after more than a decade. What next? Gamma Ray making a re-emergence? It’s a thought, my friends, it’s a thought. Now if only I could get my hands on physical copies of Derdian’s first three albums and get to know the lores that would be perfect.

Highlights: 'The Evil Messiah', 'Black Typhoon', 'Resurgence', 'Derdian'

Rating: 8.8 out of 10