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Worthless Throne

Macedonia Country of Origin: Macedonia

Worthless Throne
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: December 1st, 2023
Label: Independent
Genre: Death, Groove, Melodic
1. Roots Of Despair
2. Darkness Below
3. Бездушници
4. Vengeance Will Be Mine
5. Worthless Throne
6. Walking Dead
7. Embodiment Of Deception
8. Apathy
9. Metal Moshing Fury

Review by Vladimir on December 10, 2023.

I haven't followed the metal scene in North Macedonia that much to be honest, although the bands I have discovered did turn out to be pretty decent. In today's review, I will be covering a melodic death/groove metal band Inner Hate, with their independent debut full-length album Worthless Throne released on December 1st.

Inner Hate provides a groovy but also melodic death metal output with some traces of thrash metal and breakdowns that expand the dynamics of their songs, whereas the vocals go for a guttural groove metal style with some high pitch screaming and occasional deep gutturals. The overall songwriting from one track to another is stylistically consistent and simple to follow along, but it also has a lot of progression from one section to another, along with effective melodic guitar work and soloing which give the songs more life and expression. However, the real downside of the songs is that they do not really stand out in any way, due to each next track sounding too similar to every previous one. Even though the stylistic consistency is a plus indeed, the problem is that you can't really find any song particularly attractive for any reason whatsoever, especially for its lack of memorable riffs or choruses. If anything, the good thing about the songs is that they at least have genuine aggression and emotions expressed through the music, which in the end saves it from being utterly stripped of any redeemable quality. I would probably say that the biggest highlight here would definitely be the guitar solos, which definitely stand as the best part of every song. The sound production is actually pretty good, with a moderately heavy guitar tone and distorted bass guitar, solid drum sound and vocal mix.

I think that the album Worthless Throne in the end isn't all that "worthless", at least not in terms of what it is as a whole. Sure it could have been much better, but I still think it's not a complete waste of time that will just make you press pause and quit midway through. Inner Hate just started out after all and they have much to experience for the years to come, so this is still a good debut for a new coming band. Fans of modern and groovy melodeath metal should check this one out and judge it for themselves, perhaps it might be something worth the while.

Rating: 7 out of 10