Dark Evils Desecrate

Australia Country of Origin: Australia

1. Another World's Hell
2. Disrepair
3. Separatist
4. Better The Devil
5. Freedom Is Never Free
6. Soul Thief
7. The Seer
8. Drowning On Dry Land
9. So Was Red

Review by Alex Grindor on December 26, 2023.

A brief intro gives way to a savage eruption of drums and riffs, as Tanin'iver presents to you its fourth and latest offering: Dark Evils Desecrate. A well polished, well crafted beast of black/death in its most groovy, headbanging way without losing the unhinged chaos of the style.

With a short introduction the album blows off the door's hinges almost immediately and only proceeds to grow heavier and darker with each passing track. Some are more regular, fast whiplash tunes of black/death, while others carve a more sinister, brooding atmosphere despite never losing its frenzy. The drums are crystal clear and perfectly executed in its delivery. The guitars deliver some monstrous riffs and dissonant harmonies once in a while but holy fuck are the riffs heavy! The bass is present of course, and follows the guitars with pristine precision, but I would say that the highest point of the album would be the vocals. The unhinged, delirious delivery of the words here is absolutely frenzied. The performance is grandiose and it sounds at times like his dry vocals may cause his chords to snap. The constant lashing of the vocals, left and right, is pure greatness. This is coupled at times with deep growls in various segments that only enhance the experience.

Production wise, the sound is crystal clear. Too polished, if I may say. Not a bad thing but I like some rawness in the production of black/death and this album sounds too pristine. The track 'Soul Thief', although good, may be the weakest link in the entire album, as its anemic riff conjoined with it only following the double bass drags the song for too long, even more at the start of the track. Beyond that, there are only minute details I found that are irrelevant, as they do not affect the experience of this album. From doom-laden rhythms to machine-gun-fire fury, Dark Evils Desecrate is an excellent monolith of black/death with a variety of pace, dynamics and crushing riffs, coupled with rabid vocals tinged in hatred. While the blasting chaos of the beginning becomes more melodic and controlled by the end of the album, it still constantly punishes you with a barrage of monstrous guitar riffs and some ominous samples here and there. Tanin'iver's fourth album is scheduled to be released in January 25th, 2024 via Morning Star Heresy Music Group and I totally recommend it to fans of extreme music in general.

Rating: 8.9 out of 10