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Spain Country of Origin: Spain

1. War Broadcast Live
2. Bazookiller
3. Modern Day Dictator
4. Five Year Plan (D.R.I. Cover)

Review by Felix on April 26, 2024.

EPs should actually be abolished. My son laughs his head off when I tell him that there's only 15 minutes of music on it and disappears into the next digital world of 10 million songs. It’s probably a generational problem. In any case, I think four songs are usually better than an infinite number. In these endless sound galaxies, I surely would never find jewels like the title track of Holycide’s EP from 2023. Admittedly, the song starts pretty normal, but the rasping, ominous guitars that announce the first verse are very cool and the stable bridge leads to a strong chorus. But beware, the best thing is yet to come. I am speaking of the leads that show up after the chorus. They are simply outstanding due to their fantastic flow and their catchy melody. Not to mention the fanatic and explosive high velocity part after the second chorus. This track is pure gold. It alone justifies the price of the EP.

Nevertheless, it goes without saying that this (bazoo) killer is not the only positive element here. Production-wise, the sawing guitars as well as the whipping snare leave their mark and the hostile voice of lead singer Dave Rotten is also put into the right place. By the way, it does not lack charisma. Rotten (not the Spanish brother of Sex Pistols’ Johnny, if I am not mistaken) lends the songs almost a tiny death metal touch, but the musical offering is pure thrash. The beginning of 'Modern Day Dictator' holds another great riff and powerful drumming. It sounds like the roar and rumble of an advancing tank battalion, a Ukrainian one for example. (Absolutely no clue, why I just came across the Ukraine.) This song also scores with an unrelenting high speed eruption. It is evident: Holycide manage a form of thrash I like very much: it sounds wild, sharp and furious, but never hyper-nervous or ridiculously hysterical. On top of this, there are filigree yet ruthless solos.

Compared with the two gems in the centre of this release, the opener and the D.R.I. cover cannot fully convince, even though they reach a more than solid quality level. The D.R.I. song is an interesting choice from my point of view – honestly speaking, it is more or less the only track I ever liked from the Texan hardcore institution. Holycide give the original version a nice kick in the ass and the vital yet angry dudes let steam off during the performance. The directness of the EP’s production and the punk attitude of this track are a nearly perfect match. Too bad that my fantastic son does not enjoy the sonic quartet of 'Bazoo Killer' (D.R.I. would call them “4 of a kind”!). Either way, my conclusion is that Holycide have made a strong statement with this output – not only with regard to the martial artwork, even though I am no friend of decapitations.

Rating: 8.2 out of 10