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Świ​ę​ta Krew

Poland Country of Origin: Poland

1. Wbijam Gwoździe W Twoje Dłonie
2. Wieczna Wojna
3. Trumna
4. Niech Płynie Krew
5. Czarnego Kozła Śmierć
6. Brama Snów
7. Zabij Wszystkich, Których Kochasz
8. Ból
9. El Raval
10. Maska

Review by Vladimir on January 24, 2024.

Polish death metal? Don’t mind if I do! If you are into raw, uncompromising and sick death metal tunes, then you might want to stick with me on this one. As the topic of this review, I’ll be covering a polish death metal band Sacrofuck from Warsaw, with the centre being their second full-length Święta Krew that is due to be released on January 26th, 2024 via Godz Ov War Productions. 

From the very get-go, it is an annihilating and uncompromising beast of death metal that comes straight in your face with blast beats, double-bass drumming, tremolo picking riffs, guttural growl vocals and harsh shouting backing vocals. The riffs aren’t all about expressing pure death metal aggression all the way through, because they also have some wickedness and darkness to them which creates a very intimidating atmosphere in each song. Aside from the highlighted riff ideas, the drums also deserve some credit for being the strong centre of focus with a dynamic range, with examples of d-beat drumming that appear on tracks 'Niech Płynie Krew' and 'Zabij Wszystkich Których Kochasz', adding a very Swedish death metal flavour to this already established constantly raw banger, and even mid-tempo drumming on the sixth track 'Brama Snów' that give some catchiness to it. 

From start to finish, this is quite an ear-pulsing and merciless death metal performance that just doesn’t seem to take a break, killing absolutely everything that stands in its way from one track to another without looking back. The strong suite of its songwriting is that it is stylistically consistent and perhaps even progressing to an even more brutal and heavier approach with every following track. The guitar work on here is absolutely superb, aside from the traditional use of death metal riffing there is also some soloing going on that relies on using wah wah pedals. The album cover is very well done with that very eerie distorted greyish artstyle, which gives it some underground death metal quality to it, while also reminding me a bit of some Skitsystem vibe to it. The album has got a very tight and powerful sound production which did a great job with the incredibly loud and raw guitar tone that expressed the wickedness of the riffs even more, and the biggest highlight is that it also managed to convey that pure 90’s death metal essence. 

This is one beast of an album that slays all the way through, taking no prisoners and it also radiates an incredibly death-defying quality to it that will be hardly outmatched by other death metal bands of this calibre. Even though I put much less faith into death metal bands of the modern era, coming across something so wicked and heavy such as this was a pleasant surprise, especially since it managed to connect with my love for classic 90’s death metal. If you are a big fan of oldschool death metal which possesses all these aforementioned musical traits, then make sure that you check out this album, it’s a killer alright! 

Rating: 9 out of 10