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Raining Vomit

Poland Country of Origin: Poland

Raining Vomit
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Type: EP
Release Date: November 1st, 2022
Label: Independent
Genre: Thrash
1. Thrashrust
2. Raining Vomit
3. Masturbation On The Tomb
4. Drunk Thrashers Attack (Bonus Track)

Review by Vladimir on February 3, 2024.

Thrash metal as a soundtrack to that beloved torture within the severe state of drunkenness that ultimately leads to vomiting your guts out? Well, we have definitely reached that point, as for this review I’ll be covering the polish one-man band Drunk Thrasher, with its first EP Raining Vomit, originally released independently on November 1st, 2022, and then re-released on January 26th, 2024 via Godz Ov War Productions.

From the get-go, Drunk Thrasher provides a very standard thrash metal with raw and primitive energy that comes through the guitar riffs, whammy bar guitar solos, pulsating drums and harsh vocals a bit in the style of Tom Angelripper, with occasional tempo changes that come and go. From one song to another, it pretty much doesn’t stop with the aggression, at times even taking it further with some borderline death metal riffs on the second track 'Raining Vomit', that goes all the way to introduce reverse ballcrushing blast beats and ripping tremolo riffs that give the song almost a Bolt Thrower-like vibe, in the similar vein to "In Battle There Is No Law". Speaking of borderline death metal, the third track 'Masturbation In A Tomb' a more rock and roll oriented direction with mid-tempo riffing and drumming, while the slow riff has a pretty wicked and slow death metal feel to it, taking it a bit further from the thrashing mania. This EP also contains one bonus track 'Drunk Thrashers Attack', which is a very standard thrash metal song in itself, along with some brief falsetto moment, however it drastically deviates from the rest in terms of its production, which is obviously an older track that has a more demo like sound.

The songwriting is nothing too spectacular, it’s pretty much your usual thrash metal with some bordering death metal moments, but at least you can tell that there was some effort put into making the songs feel catchy and enjoyable, while also trying to get that thrash metal edge around it as well. Personally, there isn’t really a stand out track for me, however I will say that all of them are very good and worth giving it a go, even the slower track 'Masturbation On The Tomb' that takes a whole different approach from the rest. One small issue that I have with this EP is the cover art, which although has that kind of vintage demo cassette feel to it, looks a bit lazy and not really that appealing to the music. The only bigger issue that I have with this EP is its sound production, mainly because it sounds and feels like it lacks bass entirely, and it misses that one ingredient that could have made it a much punchier. But on the other side, the raw and primitive guitar tone, drums and vocals sound quite alright and their execution gives an extra edge to the songs.

Raining Vomit is not really something that could be categorized as “outstanding” or “attention-worthy” stuff, but it is still worth a go if you are a diehard thrash metal fan just looking for some good stuff, especially if you dig this more underground stuff. Although Drunk Thrasher doesn’t really seem like something that would take itself too seriously, I still think that it did an alright job with this EP, but I can definitely tell that this band will make even better music in the future, especially with the next effort that comes out.

Rating: 7.3 out of 10