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Sound & Fury

Germany Country of Origin: Germany

Sound & Fury
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: February 23rd, 2024
Genre: Thrash
1. Leave Nothing Behind
2. I Witness
3. I Am The One
4. New Flame
5. Burning Pieces
6. Sound And Fury
7. Love & Reality
8. Bluedeep
9. Disco Nnection
10. You Make Me Feel (Nothing)
11. Feel The Storm
12. Little Stone

Review by Felix on January 6, 2024.

Until today, I had just a few short acoustic meetings with Dust Bolt. My prejudice was that they are another typical German thrash band with more or less solid riffs, a pretty high level of energy and a generally raw approach. Now I saw that they released a new album, already their fifth one, and I got a bad conscience. Wasn’t it time to support my compatriots with a positive review, especially with regard to the promising title Sound & Fury?

Well, maybe the answer should be “yes”, but sorry, I am a bad liar and if one thing is immovable, it is my resolution that my reviews reflect my honest opinion. So let’s be clear: this is no thrash album, no modern one and especially none that features the genre’s old school. It must have been a deaf jester who wrote the promo: “Although still rooted in thrash and old school metal, the new record adds dazzling color and diversity to the band’s trademark sound.“ The words up to the comma are simply rubbish. I am listening to a pop album with some heavy guitars, some really casual riffs from time to time, but the sad, lame and poppy final track at the latest makes even the last well-meaning person realize: this is a band sailing to new shores. The Gallagher brothers can't hate each other so much that they don't laugh their heads off together at this ridiculous Oasis copy called 'Little Stone'. Let’s be fair, some songs have a cool groove, for example the pretty rebellious opener. Nevertheless, already this piece makes it clear: Dust Bolt has fallen in love with pretty commercial melodies. As a result, this track is no annoyance, but allow me one tiny little question: where is the promised fury, my dear nice guys? 'I Witness' shows comparable symptoms. A quite hard and stomping beginning spreads almost hardcore vibes, but as soon as the vocals set in, the first corners and edges are sanded. Nobody should get hurt, please!

And so it goes on: 'I Am The One' would be a nice sing-along hit for a high school combo making its first appearance. Of course, we are all free to sell our soul to whomever we want. But we should be aware of the fact that our friends, neighbors, parents and girlfriends realize this shabby action and maybe they do not like us very much any longer. It’s sad but true, I cannot identify more than 10% true thrash here, spread over 10 seconds here and 15 seconds there. The excellent sound of the album and the technical skills of the musicians – especially the lead vocalist is definitely a good singer – cannot make up for the lack of fury, anger and energy. Dust Bolt let us know that they have been “trying to find a space where our emotions can be free”. Okay, but their boring kind of feelings could have stayed behind bars as well. Just like the stupid artwork, the disco sounds in the ninth track speak volumes: despite a handful of acceptable (non-thrash) songs, this nearly radio-friendly album is partly embarrassing. I will not have further acoustic meetings with Dust Bolt.

Rating: 4.5 out of 10