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Feed The Plague

France Country of Origin: France

1. If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls...
2. Feed The Plague
3. Cognitive Dissonance
4. Fur Bitch
5. Horn Impaled
6. Meat Is Murder, Milk Is Rape
7. Greedhouse Effect
8. A.H.A.B. (All Hunters Are Bastards)
9. Just Another Stun Gun Failure
10. Science Without Conscience

Review by Alex Grindor on January 24, 2024.

Hailing from France, Corpsevore is a deathgrind band that is soon to release Feed The Plague; a 10-track album filled with groovy, headbanging deathgrind of excellent quality. It's curious that this project was spawned by a member of Wintereve, a doom metal band of all things. 

While the first track does serve as an introduction to the album, it quickly gives way to frenzied brutality. The guitars are very raw in their sound, being more in line with the HM-2 sound of Swedish death metal, with a bass thick and distorted that just complements the overall heavy sound of the record. The drums are evidently but competently programmed with constant blast beats and drum rolls. The vocals would be the weak point of the performance, as it seems that the man behind them is having a bit of a hard time growling, even more so when he does the high-pitched shrieks. They lack a bit of depth and power but otherwise it serves its purpose. Lyrically, the album focuses on the hatred towards human beings, even more towards those that hurt animals, be it by hunting for fun or experimenting on them. 

Production wise, it is a bit raw in its approach. As stated before, the guitars have a sound more reminiscent of old-school Swedish death metal, which is why I enjoyed the album as I am a fan of that sound in particular. The bass has its moments of presence but it's somewhat lost mixed in between the guitars. The vocals are sort of buried in the mix compared to the other instruments, but they are nonetheless audible. Some of the tracks feature samples but they are never too long and, instead, are placed in the middle of the songs for the most part. 

Feed The Plague is a short but sweet debut album. 10 tracks of constant heandbanging savagery that may be a bit rough and have some weak spots, but it can definitely improve in a subsequent album. The lyrical themes may not be my cup of tea (not a fan of pro-animal bands) but this is not an issue when it comes to enjoying the album. If you are a fan of Cattle Decapitation, Carcass, Cannibal Corpse and similar bands, check out Feed The Plague to be released February 2nd, 2024 through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. 

Rating: 8.3 out of 10