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The Stars Guide The Path

Greenland Country of Origin: Greenland

The Stars Guide The Path
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: January 7th, 2017
Label: Independent
Genre: Ambient, Black
1. The Stars Guide The Path
2. Under Raven And Forest
3. Falling Rain, Surround Me
4. Night Sky Filled With Wonders
5. At Dawning Of Sun

Review by TheOneNeverSeen on February 4, 2024.

While looking for bands from exotic countries, I found this atmospheric black metal band from Greenland. Its debut, while not being a masterpiece, is a solid work that is in my opinion perfect for beginners as well as for someone looking for unconventional bands in the genre.

The atmosphere of the album is rather soothing in spite of the harsh vocals, since the drumming is very gentle, the guitars, despite being raw, aren't particularly heavy, and the (in fact, pretty skillfully written) keyboards make the melodies even softer and calmer. So, those looking for the intensity and horror of Darkspace or grim atmosphere of Mgła, or, God Forbid, Burzum are unlikely to enjoy "The Stars Guide the Path"​​. However, the album isn't very like, for example, Lustre, either (although most similar to it than to any other black metal band I know), since it isn't as melancholic and repetitive. The songs are neither too short nor boring the hell out of you due to their phantasmagorical length.

Speaking of consistency, the album is flawless. I've tried my best to find a weak song (or at least one that would be much weaker than the rest) and haven't managed to. All 5 tracks are highly atmospheric, melodic and would fit a rainy/snowy morning better than anything else (when you're in high spirits, of course). My favorite songs would probably be the title track, "Falling Rain, Surround Me" and "At Dawning of Sun", for they possess the most remarkable piano melodies.

So, while not offering anything brand new, "The Stars Guide the Path" is an enjoyable record with solid positive melodies and a fantastic artwork. To me it was even a bit refreshing in the overly dark and grave or overly clean and inundated with epic synths field of atmospheric black metal, so I highly recommend to check it out.

Rating: 8 out of 10