Music Inspired By

Music Inspired By Slavs

Poland Country of Origin: Poland

Music Inspired By Slavs
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: April 21st, 2023
Genre: Folk, Rock
1. Furta
2. Świętowit
3. Wschód
4. Swaróg
5. Mokosz
6. Północ
7. Perun
8. Trzygław
9. Chors
10. Zachód
11. Kupała
12. Południe
13. Łada
14. Weles
15. Rozstaje
16. Rod

Review by Levi on March 24, 2024.

Many of you will probably ask what such a project does in a magazine such as ours that deals with extreme metal music. I think you will find the answer to this question later in this review. But let’s start from the beginning. The Music Inspired By project has been carried out by three very good friends: tattoo master – Artur Szolc (drums), Robert Srzednicki (keyboards, guitars) - studio owner Serakos, and Kris Wawrzak (bass), - music producer, etc. These three gentlemen once formed the Annalist band, which in their beginnings was one of the first projects on the metal scene to combine extreme music with keyboards.

This will be ‘it’ as far as an introduction, and those of you interested in more info, please check the topic on the internet. New Music Inspired By material is devoted to Slavic mythology, both in terms of music, text, and graphics. It is a damn mystical job done down to the smallest detail, which is really impressive. The graphics on this release are a wonder and - if you like this type of stuff - I especially recommend the vinyl edition. But I think you're waiting for information about the music on this album. And here, too, there is something for all ears. The material is made up of both longer, extended pieces, as well as musical miniatures; they constitute the role of intros, introductions and clues in the musical layer. And if you expect that Music Inspired By creates unleavened, Slavic, evocative melodies bringing to mind guys wearing hats playing violins, and ladies in multicolored skirts, wailing to these usually out-of-tune instruments, you are wrong. The trio, together with the guests, created exciting music, referring to old Slavic music times and drawing heavily from our history, but they gave it in a modern, even rock formula. I think for those who listen to the works of Scandinavian Wardruna or Heilung, even Dead Can Dance, it will be another trip to beautiful lands, this one more homely though, closer ones.

Anyway, since I mentioned guests, the following should be listed: Mariusz Duda from Riverside / Lunatic Soul, Krzysztof Drabikowski from Batushka, or Inga from Lorien - they are also the ones who colored this album beautifully. Also, the song ‘Swaróg’ featuring Lunatic Soul is my absolute favorite piece and if you have any doubts, please start with this number and I assure you that the atmosphere of this album will absolutely enchant you. Now I'm just waiting for the concerts.

Rating: 8.7 out of 10