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Apex Profane

United States Country of Origin: United States

1. The Putridarium
2. Incorrigible Decomposition
3. Embryonic Cranial Pulp
4. Emetic Eucharist
5. Noisome Sillage
6. Festering Carrion Transubstantiation
7. Interitus
8. Body Farm
9. Septic Expulsion Of A Collapsed Cavity
10. Muciferous
11. Engorged Trachea Purulence
12. Gargling Smegma
13. Tache Noire
14. Seeping Parasitic Innards
15. Degloved
16. Mucosanguineous Mess
17. Secreting Sebaceous Cyst
18. Apotheosis Of A Malodorous Procedure
19. Pathogenic Malformation
20. Baptism In Bile
21. Apex Profane

Review by Carl on March 9, 2024.

And the pulsating wave of grimy death metal infected goregrind oozes forth. Steaming, bubbling, putrefying and spreading noxious gasses all around. One of the more malignant tumors that has been diagnosed recently goes by the (may I say brilliant) name of Miasmatic Necrosis, and their debut full length "Apex Profane" is as great as it is putrid, so lets get this dissection going.

If I tell you that we get 21 tracks in almost 22 minutes, you probably know that we are talking the fine art of grindcore here. We get a collection of short songs that are brimming with aggression, as well as oozing a grimy and filth ridden atmosphere throughout. Miasmatic Necrosis deals in a downtuned form of the style, with both the guitars and bass practically drowning in distortion, while the drums go from blast beat ferocity to midtempo stomping sections, adding a sickened groove to the volatile songs. On top of this vile sounding concoction come the pitch shifted inhuman growling vocals, adding an even more diseased layer to this pus filled scab cake. As stated above, the songs are short, but even within this very limited time frame, Miasmatic Necrosis find a way to cram in some needed variation. Between the blast beat driven ferocity there are slower parts built in, even providing some hooks to this throbbing mass of decomposing delight. In tracks such as "Seeping Parasitic Innards", "Baptism in Bile" as well as the intro, this approach is used to great advantage, and it is these parts that make this album so damn catchy. Almost as catchy as gonorrhea, one could say.

When it comes to the production, there's only one word: powerful. Simple as that. The music erupts out of the speakers, and comes charging at the listener with reckless abandon. This album sounds clear and balanced, yet without sacrificing any of the filthy atmosphere this release oozes in droves. I can hear all instrumentation coming through, while sounding utterly depraved and disgusting while doing it. I've heard far worse in the genre, I'll tell you that.

Miasmatic Necrosis does not bring a whole lot of new things to the dissecting table, but they certainly know their way with those elements they get to work with. The band takes that what was established by originators such as Dead Infection, early Carcass (of course), Last Days of Humanity and Regurgitate, and has been fine-tuned in these last years by acts like Septage, Lipoma, Pharmacist and Putrid Stu, amongst a lot of others. Miasmatic Necrosis is a more than worthy addition to that company, even surpassing a lot of them in sheer energetic power.

"Apex Profane" comes highly recommended to all into goregrind, but also to those who are into the rawer, more volatile old school death metal acts. It has great music on offer, while sounding utterly relentless. This is an absolutely awesome release, simple as that.

Rating: 9 out of 10