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War Chronicles: A History Of Obliteration (2006​-​2017)

Canada Country of Origin: Canada

War Chronicles: A History Of Obliteration (2006​-​2017)
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Type: Compilation
Release Date: October 22nd, 2018
Label: Independent
Genre: Black, Death
1. Misery, Suicide
2. Final Hour Of Zion (Instrumental) / Misanthropy Bloodwar
3. War Command (Blasphemy Cover) / Atomic Nuclear Desolation (Blasphemy Cover)
4. Goddess Of Perversity (Blasphemy Cover)
5. Repulsion (Repulsion Cover)
6. Luziferion (Katharsis Cover)
7. Blasphemous Kommand
8. Intro / Hateful Annihilation Through The Gleaming Blade
9. Ready To Fuck (Sarcófago Cover)
10. Lived Eht M'i Dna... (Intro)
11. Sacramental Pestilence
12. I Am The Serpent Lord
13. Dementia (A Black Void)
14. Impalement (Of The Wretched)
15. Crush The Jewish Prophet (Inquisition Cover)
16. ...Yarp Su Tel (Outro)
17. Intro
18. Dementia (A Black Void)
19. Final Hour Of Zion
20. Misanthropy Bloodwar
21. Witchfuck
22. Slave State
23. Storms Of Wrath
24. Misanthropy
25. Ravenous
26. Whirlwinds Of Toxic Perdition
27. Blasphemous
28. Crypts Of Perversity
29. Witchfuck
30. Phosphorus Clouds Descend On Mecca
31. Witchfuck
32. Whirlwinds Of Toxic Perdition
33. Multidimensional Prism Of Black Hatred

Note: Released independently (Bandcamp); 2 Cassettes by War Vellum on February 27th, 2021; 2CD by Demented Omen of Masochism on June 5th, 2022

Review by Vladimir on March 29, 2024.

When it comes down to checking out war metal releases, I am all in, whatever it may be, a demo, an EP, an album or perhaps a compilation. Well, luckily today we are taking a look at the Canadian band Nuclearhammer with their compilation War Chronicles: A History Of Obliteration (2006-2017), originally released on October 22nd, 2018 and re-released on June 5th, 2022 via Demented Omen Of Masochism.

The entire War Chronicles compilation is consisted of the band’s past materials, ranging from demos to rehearsal demos and even live recordings between 2006 and 2017. All of them showcase the signature bestial black/death metal, aka war metal, in the style of Blasphemy, Beherit, Revenge, Archgoat and Conqueror, incorporating the same sort of lyrical concepts such as occultism, satanism, desecration and other blasphemous subjects. Throughout these various time periods, the band’s style remains consistent and intact, without breaking away from the established sound and direction that they’ve been going with for the last decade. Along the way, there are a couple of covers to be found, ranging from various extreme metal acts such as Blasphemy, Katharsis, Repulsion, Sarcofago and Inquisition.

Now that I’ve got the basics out of the way, let’s talk about how I feel about this compilation as a whole. Personally, I really don’t like it, because most of the time you can’t exactly hear what the band is playing at all due to it all being poorly recorded demos that make it all sound like noise. I tried so hard to figure out what the hell they are doing, but it just comes off as very “ear pulsing” and “torturing” to the point where I just had to skip tracks in order to find anything remotely listenable. Luckily it does come to happen at some point during the second half when recordings sound decent and acceptable, but until then I completely stop caring whether it was good or not because I felt like I was close to being deaf. The worst part about this compilation is that it is an hour and a half long, basically as if you are given a completely certified torture chamber treatment where you are certain to end up with a hearing loss when it’s all over. I am most certain that despite the poor sound quality, the music and the overall performance isn't really that bad, just underwhelmed by the poor execution as a whole. Had all the songs on this compilation been re-recorded, they would have definitely made this totally worth the while, but sadly it comes off as a really wasted potential that could have easily attracted new listeners had they stumbled upon this compilation of early materials first-hand before diving in to check out their two full-length albums.

If you ask me, this entire compilation basically makes grindcore look like a goddamn classical music piece, because for fuck’s sake, this was painful. I don’t really mind war metal demos, because I truly love examples like "Blood Upon The Altar" and "At The Devil's Studio 1990", but whatever Nuclearhammer put out is just nothing but incomprehensible and unintelligible in every aspect. Simply put, EAR BLEEDING NOISE! In the end, after desperate attempts and trying my best to find anything worth checking out here, I have to say, it’s not worth the while.

Rating: 5 out of 10