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Echoes Of Primordial Gnosis

Greece Country of Origin: Greece

1. Echoes Of Primordial Gnosis
2. Two Heavens As One
3. Battle Cry
4. The Serpent's Curse
5. Voices
6. Bending The Fabric Of Reality
7. Sacrifice For Glory
8. The Keeper Of Sorrows

Review by Jeger on June 16, 2024.

The label “melodic black metal” gets attached to a great many bands who don’t necessarily play melodic black metal. It’s almost as if it’s a lost art, or at the very least becoming one. With such an honorable pedigree: Dissection, Sacramentum and Naglfar, it would be a shame indeed for it to become a maligned sub-genre. From Greece over to Scotland one Soulreaper traveled; bringing with him his own vision of true melodic black metal and realizing it in the form of four records that have been released since 2021. The Soulreaper masterminded Winter Eternal are set to release an all new volume; one of harkening back to the glory days of “The Somberlain” and “Far Away From The Sun”. On June 28, Winter Eternal will release Echoes Of Primordial Gnosis via Hells Headbangers. 

Black metal is not just a hobby that one fucks around with in their spare time. True black metal can never be the product of such shallowness. It has to be a passionate venture where one who possesses an understanding of the music and the culture creates art worthy enough to be called black metal. Either you can write it or you just can’t. Soulreaper is one of those artists who gets it. The music is genuine and indicative of an artist whose vision is only superseded by his comprehension of classic melodic BM. Even the production quality of “Echoes” captures those early days. The opening titular track like something straight out of early 90’s Sweden, but complimented by cutting edge compositional, vocal and riffing dynamics. A modern treat as well. It’s in the rhythm. Jon Nödtveidt wasn’t much a fan of the blast-beat. You’ll hear plenty of them here, however, Soulreaper evidently appreciates the importance of classic double-bass current-driven cadences and martial rhythms. An entire record’s worth of blast-beats? Not a fan of Mayhem… Other superlatives like the jaw-dropping lead in 'Battle Cry' and 'Voices' - an elegant instrumental: melancholy and reflective, classically inspired and Victorian to keep you helplessly locked into the experience. 

A breath of fresh air! Simplicity and wholesomeness encapsulated by tradition yet contemporary enough to appease even the Dark Funeral fans out there. But the real beauty of Echoes Of Primordial Gnosis? Dissection worship at its apex. Not just a blatant carbon copy but a true homage to the greatest of all time as lain before us with majestic riffs and brilliant compositions. Black metal the way it was meant to sound: textured, unfiltered and epic. Melodic black metal - a forlorn relic lost to the New Wave and left behind as the genre has evolved - now proudly represented by Winter Eternal. What a pleasant surprise and what a fine acquisition on behalf of Hells Headbangers. Here’s to the melody! Here’s to Echoes Of Primordial Gnosis… 

Rating: 9 out of 10