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Type: EP
Release Date: May 20th, 2020
Genre: Black, Doom, Sludge
1. Evil Lives
2. Stuck In The Hard Place
3. To The Grave

Review by Nekrist on June 2, 2024.

In my almost daily search for new bands and sounds that catch my attention, I have discovered countless bands that have blown my mind, mainly since I immersed myself in exploring heavier, slower and more atmospheric metal such as sludge and doom metal. In these styles, I found what I was always looking for, and as a fairly staunch fan of black metal I discovered the concoction of these styles, being an authentic delicacy of haute cuisine for my senses.

In that search for bands classified as mixes between doom, black and sludge here at Los Metal Archives I found a mysterious name that immediately caught my attention, Baader-Meinhof, but that was not going to be all, the biggest surprise I got was that this is an alternative project of the renowned rapper under the name “Ghostmane”. The amazement, curiosity and curiosity of listening to this artist's personal interpretation of the previously mentioned styles was enormous.

I immediately went to hear what Baader-Meinhof was about, and if it would really be worth giving it the dedicated listening time for a review, since in his main project “Ghostmane” (which I personally enjoy a lot) Mr. Eric had already flirted with some hardcore and “metal” to some extent. Although I honestly always thought that these elements were only used as a “gimmick” to impress the legions of edgy and spoiled teenagers who usually follow the most mainstream music. But boy did I get a pleasant surprise.

In Baader-Meinhof Eric expresses his most sinister and hidden artistic side, exploring the sounds of black and the darkest sludge metal, in this project he is also in charge of all the composition, since it is no mystery that this American artist is a multi-instrumentalist and producer of his own music, the sound of this self-titled EP is an authentic declaration of principles, Eric's voice is ghostly and pained, each scream is a sob of unbearable suffering, the riffs are infectious and very powerful, reaching creating “Burzum-esque” atmospheres, due to the technique with which some songs are played, the drums are raw but precise, showing us that Eric knows what he is doing, and with a very good interpretation of blast beats.

The use of synthesizers enriches the atmosphere of the EP, increasing the chaos and level of noise by which we are being assaulted without any mercy. The song that completely captivated me and that summarizes very well what this work is is called 'To The Grave', with a performance that shows us the sincerity and passion with which this music was recorded.

These types of projects can generate conflicts among the most closed fans of extreme music, but from my point of view, this type of artistic explorations helps us expand our musical panorama, and break prejudices due to which perhaps we miss out on great things, At the end of the day, Eric is still what we all are, fans.

Rating: 9 out of 10