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Damnations Sight

Australia Country of Origin: Australia

1. Serpent Bat
2. Paramount Specter Dust
3. Fane Of The Slug Gods
4. Ruthless Guild
5. Presage
6. The Vomited Harvest
7. Master In The Black Cavern
8. Demon Bell
9. Vulgar Overlord
10. Damnations Sight

Review by Jeger on June 20, 2024.

Thrash has come a long way with the likes of innovators such as Municipal Waste, Skeletonwitch and Suicidal Angels - just to name a few - who have, over the course of the new millennium, bestowed upon us ass-blistering thrash metal of the contemporary variety. But just beneath the surface, away from pristine recording techniques, the major gear contracts and the 20,000 plus crowds, lies the fruit of the underground. And it’s here in the chasmic heft of evil’s lair where we discover new blood in the form of upstarts like Australia’s Mages Terror who haunt these hallowed halls under the gaze of the ever-scrutinizing Invictus Productions. On July 12, 2024 Mages Terror will release their debut Damnations Sight LP via the aforementioned Invictus. 

A little black metal peppered in sans tremolo riffs, and the overall aesthetic one of thrash-dominant proportions. Soloing like a mad scientist’s greatest work, but mainly, with Damnations Sight, Mages Terror take up their ‘93 Jackson Rhoads (probably not literally) and lay down riff after tasty riff; thrashy segment upon thrashy segment and no less fiendish in the vox department than the mighty Shagrath. Black metal bands like Gorgoroth, Svarttjern and Tsjuder took inspiration from the early thrash days as opposed to the usual Bathory worship, and you’ll discover nuances within this volume that will certainly remind you of those heavyweights. The atmosphere is wicked and the evil energy coursing through 'Serpent Bat', and as I take in the opening track, King Diamond vibes during the intro quickly giving way to intense, air-tight riffing set to snare-snapping blast-beats out of the adept CY Consummator. Here’s a band you’ve probably never heard of: Brazil’s Kanvass - known for similar compressed air sort of rhythmic/riffing patterns. 

Guitarists, Rotten (Pustilence) and Illogium, put on display their vast collective knowledge of extreme metal as they explore a myriad of influences with every sequence from black to death and much in between, but it’s those fucking leads, man. A clinic! Balls to the wall, just how thrash was meant to be. Subtle speed metal influences redolent to the mighty Venom and Aura Noir interjected brilliantly throughout along with some strong British heavy metal styled passages in 'Ruthless Guild' as meaty, mid-tempo’d chugs fit for Dio unfold. A headbanger here and probably a good time for any guitarist. You could fit just about any kind of lead into this cut and Rotten chose - of course - to dazzle. Loving the passion and the energy. 

'Master In The Black Cavern' - a specimen of blackened thrash metal: the energy, the grime, the malediction and the lowly tonality of it the highlight of the album for me. A brief but formidable show of force. Coda coming by way of the titular cut. Some old-school Exodus worship during the opening seconds as I’m reminded of “Bonded By Blood”, but of course the track takes a hard left into shadowy territory as Stillborn’s vocals take on even more sinister shades and then, you guessed it, a face melter. The buildup, the anticipation and then with the Mustaine-happy solo. A shredder! Hold onto your nuts, kids. Thrash metal blackened to perfection and with all the dynamics you could expect from a modern thrash release, but grounded in the traditions of the Black Mark. Thoroughly enjoyed this one and expecting more invigorating ensorcellments to come out of Mages Terror

Rating: 8 out of 10