Martyr Of Star And Fire

United Kingdom Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Martyr Of Star And Fire
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: April 5th, 2024
Genre: Black
1. Atrium - Martyr Of Star And Fire
2. Orb - Shadow Memories Of The Enlived amid The Deathless Aether
3. Oath - Dispersal Of The Spectral Awning In Perpetual Flame
4. Adornment - Endless Syzygies Of The Constant Immaterial

Review by Jeger on June 25, 2024.

Aristarchus of Samos - an Ancient Greek astronomer and mathematician who developed the very first heliocentric model that placed the sun in the center of our galaxy. A man versed in the ways of balance it appears. But for many of us, the art of balance is an elusive one, particularly for individuals such as myself who suffer from various psychological and emotional afflictions. To find an existential balance would quite simply be foreign to our nature. From light to darkness and from sound to silence; always tipping the scales from one extreme to the next. It's from within this particular conceptual realm that Glasgow, Scotland's Aristarchos have chosen to develop their art - a gorgeous melding together of philosophy and atmospheric black metal. On April 5th, 2024 Aristarchos released their sophomore effort, Martyr Of Star And Fire via Vendetta Records.

A breath of fresh air when compared to your conventional nature-worshipping atmospheric BM is Martyr Of Star And Fire. After all, black metal should challenge perception and stimulate abstract thought - music for intelligent persons - a journey through the sphere of consciousness should always be the objective. On a purely musical level, Aristarchos are offering nothing less than the richest atmospheric BM ambrosia: memorable intros, airy atmospheric overlays and ethereal riffs offset by abyssal percussive lows. A balance! And a masterfully realized one indeed. Four tracks clocking in at just over 33 minutes; immersive and complex. These brilliantly segmented compositions paired with the overall epic nature of each cut really create an engaging experience that feels much longer than it truly is. All elements overlain with an overlapping vocal tapestry consisting of mid-ranged, powerful growls and deep meditative chants that evoke a most trancelike vibe. Absolutely haunting and overbearingly sinister is this volume, and with combined influences that create an experience what feels like something between Sear Bliss and Wode, you can anticipate a genre-spanning experience.

Transcendental! Down to earth or less-is-more appearing to be outlying concepts to Aristarchos, much like the ever-elusive balance that escapes the afflicted each and every day. To achieve balance requires much inner toiling of the psyche. Martyr Of Star And Fire, like a sound bath meditation to ease you into slumber, offers guidance for one to achieve this discipline. A challenging listen that offers little for one to savor as far as rhythm and melody but enthralling due to the sheer epic of it all.

The suspense of a life that begs for balance captured so eloquently. The unexpected highs and lows and the dreadful anticipation of each and every offsetting moment realized so starkly through music. And as the unpredictable seconds tick away the hours of a life so obtusely scaled, the sands of the hourglass run accompanied by the same sense of suspenseful anxiety that can be absorbed during this recording. A demanding listen when compared to the typical ABM record but engrossing nonetheless. A contemporary specimen that foreshadows what could be an exciting new direction for this particular sub-genre.

Rating: 8 out of 10