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Sweden Country of Origin: Sweden

1. Calamitas
2. Third
3. Emanation Of Fear
4. Impure Perfection
5. Hostile Phantasm
6. Psychic Pain
7. 000111
8. The Perverted Beast
9. Distress
10. Inauspicious Coming
11. Pile Of Hate
12. Inverted Spheres

Review by Adam on March 18, 2001.

To which my answer would be hell yeah and you can do it like this! Darkane did it; I do not know exactly how, but they did! To many of Darkane's followers it wasn't about making a better album; it was about making one that could live up to their debut's standards and high quality. For me, that made this the most anticipated release of 2001. This album is faster, more chaotic, and even more memorable than "Rusted Angel" if you can believe that as everything is taken up a couple notches.

The album is also more rooted in traditional death more or less than just melodic thrash. In other words....BLASTING! New vocalist Andreas Sydow carries the torch left by the departed Lawrance Mackrory and delivers a dynomite performance. Again Peter Wildoer stands out and this time guitarists Klas and Christopher beat you down even harder than before. Darkane have secured a safe rotation in my player for an indefinate amount of time. Don't you owe your cd changer the same amount of audio bliss? My answer of course is yes!

Bottom Line: Again you cannot go wrong with Darkane! Buy this cd!

Rating: 10 out of 10