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Manifest Of Hate

Sweden Country of Origin: Sweden

1. Seers Hatred
2. Deamon Breed
3. Betrayal Within Individuals
4. Collector Of Thoughts
5. Soulshade
6. Dehumanized Perspective
7. Truth Of God
8. Incinerate
9. Inseminated By The Beast

Review by Adam on March 20, 2001.

As I slid in the debut cd from The Forsaken, I had high expectations for these guys. Century Media, who houses this band on their label, compares this band's musical ability to groups like Arch Enemy and At The Gates. Any band given these comparisons is expected to deliver a masterpiece then right? Well that was what I expected; however, it is not what I got.

Sure this band is good and all, but they are not really breaking any new musical ground; however, they do fit in more with the genre of melodic DEATH metal than some of its other bands. There is also no doubt that this music is brutal and if you like bands like Arch Enemy then you will probably like The Forsaken as well.

Bottom Line: This is a decent debut from this melodic death band from Sweden; however, I recommend you sample this one first.

Rating: 5.5 out of 10