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Live On 3 Continents

Germany Country of Origin: Germany

Live On 3 Continents
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Type: DVD
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Power, Speed
1. Intro (Sao Paulo)
2. The King For A 1000 Years (Sao Paulo)
3. Eagle Fly Free (Sao Paulo)
4. Hell Was Made In Heaven (Sao Paulo)
5. Keeper Of The Seven Keys (Sao Paulo - Alternative View Sofia
6. A Tale That Wasn't Right (Sao Paulo - Alternative View Sofia)
7. Drum Solo (Edit From Sao Paulo, Sofia And Tokyo)
8. Mr. Torture (Sao Paulo - Alternative View Tokyo)
9. If I Could Fly (Sao Paulo)
10. Guitar Solo (Edit From Sao Paulo, Sofia And Tokyo)
11. Power (Sao Paulo)
12. Future World (Sao Paulo)
13. The Invisible Man (Sao Paulo)
14. Mrs. God (Sao Paulo)
15. I Want Out (Sao Paulo - Alternative View Sofia)
16. Dr. Stein (Sao Paulo - Alternative View Tokyo)
17. Outro (Sao Paulo)
18. Occasion Avenue (Tokyo)
19. Halloween (Masters Of Rock, Vicovice CZ)
20. Roadmovie
21. Interviews
22. Mrs. God (Video Clip)
23. Light The Universe (Video Clip)