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Xecutioner's Return

United States Country of Origin: United States

1. Face Your God
2. Lasting Presence
3. Evil Ways
4. Drop Dead
5. Bloodshot
6. Seal Your Fate
7. Feel The Pain
8. Contrast The Dead
9. Second Chance
10. Lies
11. In Your Head

Review by JD on December 30, 2010.

What band has the musical assaulting fury of thirty 10 megaton atomic bombs, more harsh than the coldest of days in the heart of Antarctica and all that while shredding every other band that is left in their paths with a hardcore attitude? If you would have picked the iconic and brutally explosive Florida’s very own metallic merchants - Obituary... you know your metal.

As Death Metal goes, you cannot get any better or go any harsher than these metallic monsters known as Obituary. They have almost single handedly built the whole idea of the Death Metal scene and will always be the brutal ambassadors for this side of the metal genre. One listen, and it is so clear who is who here. There are many imitators, but none come close to the blood soaked passion and acrid gore infused attack that this band has.

The album has so many good and powerful songs in it, that just saying to anyone to play it from start to finish would be the less time that explanation every single track. It is the best to just say that from the start to the finish of the album, and set the bar high for anyone who wants to beat it. Only the UK’s mighty duo GraVil, the formidable Cannibal Corpse and the iconic Death could lay claim of getting near what the boys of Obituary have put out here.

Obituary has put out a no brainer Death Metal classic that still holds up with any other album put out at any time. They have kept their entrails spattered crown, as they have ended up killing all false metal, naysayers and sacrificing many puny posers to makes sure that their reign is a long one.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 9.5
Atmosphere: 9.5
Production: 9.5
Overall: 9.5

Rating: 9.5 out of 10