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Finland Country of Origin: Finland

1. Nakin Laula
2. Huomen
3. Revontulet
4. Hallavedet
5. Etaisyyksien Taa
6. Lauluni Sinulle
7. Taival
8. Souto
9. The Chant Of Nakki
10. Morrow
11. Northern Lights
12. The Glacial Waters
13. Beyond Distances
14. Mavourneen's Long
15. Straying
16. Duft

Review by Jack on October 22, 2001.

Dubbed as Shamanic Melancholic Folk by Tenhi’s record label, Prophecy Productions, one surely wonders, what one has got oneself into with Tenhi“Kauan”. The answer is clearly a non-metal one. That is right, you read correctly, no metal whatsoever... there is no possible way you can connect Tenhi to metal unless you make that inextricable link through their label (which contains metal bands like Dornenreich).

Tenhi is what Prophecy Productions stated on their website... ”melancholic folk music”. Being a CD reviewer for a metal website, and not having a metal CD to review is quite a different thing, and not a circumstance I encounter on a daily basis. However, while not a daily occurrence, I am finding reviewing CD’s like “Kauan” a joy and break from the sometimes monotonous world of metal.

“Kauan” if I had to draw comparisons to something is music for reflection, relaxation and contemplation... Tenhi is a band to take with you walking down a forest path (sorry I know that cliché really has been overdone) or when you are pissed off and are in need of calming. Soothing and serene: if that is what Tenhi attempted to accomplish when recorded “Kauan” then they scored perfectly in my book.

Lyrical content from what I can tell, describes nature and the yoke between man and mother earth, which is probably not the most original topic in the world. However, Tenhi, through “Kauan” do it in such a way, that the lyrical topic probably seems original and unobtrusive.

Using drawn out and repeated acoustic passages, over tepid vocal passages Tenhi create simple flowing ballads that are rich and lush in stature able to draw and feed upon the emotions inside a person. Drawing strength from other instruments such as the violin, harp, flute and piano Tenhi are able to gather their material into a splendid lather and release it upon the listener invoking a whole plethora of varied atmospheres.

Bottom Line: Tenhi is perfect relaxation music, not utilising any harsh metal methods, but possessing rhythm and talent that see “Kauan” woven into such a majestic strand of beautiful folklore, that is truly melancholic.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10