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The Architecture Of Oppression

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The Architecture Of Oppression

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 2007
Label: Self Released
Genre: Black, Death, Melodic
1. Force From Within
2. Renegade Manifesto
3. Great Are The Eyed
4. The Key To Ourselves
5. War Against The Plagues
7. Order Of Decay
8. In Their Venomous World

Review by Mario on November 27, 2007.

You can expect high quality listening experience here, that's for sure. Having in mind, if only, all the bands the members of Against The Plagues have been involved with, this is not going to be an overstatement to say they know how to handle their instruments. "The Architecture Of Oppression" as a final product [of few ingredients fine mixture] sounds quite condense and powerful. I dare to compare Against The Plagues to masterworks of aficionados like Nocturnus maybe late Pestilence, but these are only free-association quick results of my own cerebrals. Yes, you guessed right, the key word here is progress. It's a musical journey into vastness of cosmos, also that of human mind.

Trey Azagthoth worship is especially evident in Wojtek Lisicki's out-of-this-world solos. Quite enchanting are also keyboard sounds [Martin, great job!] entangled with the basic framework of superfluous guitars, bass and drums.

Recording process, I suppose, was Dante-like journey thru hell; musicians must have gone thru many levels of mixing-it-all-together inferno. Meticulously worked out material will cause some jaws to drop, and without any major label financial support I call it simply success.

Accompanying the music is verbal almost abuse on current human development [or rather its lack] and a strong suggestion for all of us humans to follow our real life purposes instead of kneeling before false gods.

As an ending let me quote some words from the band: "In the name of the true existence we have created this unit to support the sacred war against all enemies, human and not, who uninterruptedly and calculatedly oppress and control our minds and bodies destroying our lives and the planet we live on."

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 9
Atmosphere: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 9
Overall: 8

Rating: 8.4 out of 10