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Orchestra Of Sickness

Netherlands Country of Origin: Netherlands

1. Asylum Of Abused
2. Forever Silenced
3. Origin Of Evil
4. In Common With Beast
5. Soulless Victor
6. Upper Hate
7. Demon King
8. Primordial Darkness
9. Day Of The Cross
10. The Almighty (Artillery Cover)

Review by Carl on November 7, 2021.

This is the last offering from Sinister follow-up/side-project Infinited Hate. I liked it's two predecessors, so I was curious what the band would do with it after the departure of former Occult/Sinister vocalist Rachel Heyzer, a total badass death metal singer in my opinion. Answer is more of the same but without Rachel, which comes as a total surprise to absolutely nobody, I guess.

The usual elements from before are present yet again: the hectic death metal riffing and the harsh grunts are being backed by truly great drumming, serving up some driving death metal goodness galore. This album will have no surprises in store for anyone into the more brutal 90's death metal bands, but it manages to deliver the goods in a very agreeable manner. The band isn't afraid to change up the tempo, going from blasting ferocity to slower stomp and back again, keeping it powerful throughout the album. There are even some subtle winks to black metal in a track like 'Origin Of Evil', providing some cool variation in between the raging death metal riffing. I must mention the fact that the total sound mix is truly excellent, especially the way the bass guitar has its place in it, which sounds awesome. Throw in some ear-shredding lead guitar work and a very decent production job on top of that, and you have yourself a cool death metal record right here.

The thing is however that I really miss Rachel's near demonic delivery, because in my opinion she's what made this band special. Aad on his own does a very good job but isn't totally up to fill that gap. Another thing is that the guitar work at times has the tendency to fly off the handle, losing itself in over-technical riff acrobatics that get on the nerves, and don't add anything to the music except make it confusing and even annoying to listen to. The Artillery cover sounds great, the band did a good job with the music here, but Aad's vocals are a bit of a mismatch. Artillery's then-vocalist Flemming Ronsdorf had a really characteristic voice, and to strip that away and replace it with a grunt sounds kinda odd to my ears.

After this release Infinited Hate changed name to Weapons To Hunt to release another album, and perhaps they should've done that for this album too. The basic ingredients were the same, but with one of the vocalists gone, it wasn't really the same anymore. Don't get me wrong, this is certainly no bad effort, but I prefer that what came before.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10