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Carnivorous Erection

Sweden Country of Origin: Sweden

1. The Pulsating Feast
2. Domination Through Mutilation
3. Escort Service Of The Dead
4. Obscene Body Slayings
5. Fecal Freak
6. Humiliated In Your Own Blood
7. Just Another Stillborn
8. Parade Of The Decapitated Midgets
9. Ruptured Remains In A Doggybag
10. Copious Head Carnage
11. Carnivorous Erection
12. Relentless Pursuit Of Rotting Flesh
13. Swallow The Human Filth
14. Dismantle The Afterbirth
15. Choked In Shit
16. Funeral Genocide
17. Rancid Head Of Splatter
18. Rage Against Humanity
19. To Boil A Corpse
20. Bloody Pile Of Human Waste
21. Drenched In Cattleblood
22. Carbonated Death
23. Skull Of Shit And Sludge
24. Desperate Need For Violation
25. 37 Stabwounds
26. Vomified (Regurgitated To The Core)
27. Headless She Died
28. Breath Like Rotten Meat
29. I Wanna Kill
30. Clawhammer Castration
31. Festering Embryonic Vomit
32. Smeared With Bloodmixed Semen
33. You're About To Fuckin' Die
34. Stinking Genital Warts
35. Pyronecrobestiality
36. Self-disembowelment
37. Savage Gorewhore
38. The Combustion And Consumption Of Pyorrheic Waste

Review by Krys on May 18, 2001.

Being in the underground since 1990, Regurgitate continues the great tradition of Carcass, early Napalm Death, Repulsion or lately Nasum by selling the most brutal death-grind that was ever played. 38 tracks squeezed into 32 minutes should give you a very good idea about the tempos played on this album but that says nothing about the quality of this material.

You are not going to believe what you’ll hear. It’s not only violence and brutality; this album is a monster wall of guitars full of outstanding riffs, gore-gurgling vocals and not to mention a human machine behind the skins. Rather than concentrating on pure brutality (like Nasum), Regurgitate emphasized the quality and structure of the songs. It’s still vicious but not tasteless like a lot of gore bands where cold and primitive compositions are kicked to a higher level by tons of studio equipment. If, on the list of 38 tracks, I can’t find a weak one then it should tell you how impressed I am with this release. This is so good I wish it didn’t have the one-second breaks between the tracks, let my ears bleed! "Carnivorous Erection" is easily the best grindgore album of the year!!!

And as for the cover art... there's no chance that the cover, graphically depicting the album title, would be in any form uncensored in USA or at least a little covered. Wes Benscotter delivered something quite out of the ordinary, to say the least: porn-gore that once seen will leave a scar on your brain and will never let you forget it.

Bottom Line: "Carnivorous Erection" is a condensation of what's forbidden, filthy and inhuman in music. But what a great listening it is!!!

Rating: 10 out of 10