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...But Inside They Are Ravening Wolves

Poland Country of Origin: Poland

...But Inside They Are Ravening Wolves
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Release Date: 2001
Genre: Atmospheric, Black, Folk
1. Hound-Voice ~ Because We Love Bare Hills And Stunted Trees And Were The Last To Choose The Settled Ground
2. The Hosting Of The Sidhe ~ Niamh Calling
3. The Black Tower ~ Stand We On Guard Oath-Bound
4. The Withering Of The Boughs ~ Because The Roads Are Unending, And There Is No Place To My Mind
5. Oil And Blood ~ In Tombs
6. Water-Lilies ~ To The Ripples Of The Water
7. Ballade Of Unsuccessful Men ~ What Was Terrible And Free
8. Ha'nacker Mill ~ Wind And Thistle For Pipe And Dancers
9. Epitaph On The Politician Himself ~ I Wept
10. The Prophet Lost In The Hills At Evening ~ The Voids Of Hell Expand Enormous All Around
11. The Rebel ~ High Justice In Her Armoury
12. Comforting Of Elijah (Extra Track On Polish Edition)