Old Man's Child

Revelation 666 - The Curse Of Damnation

Norway Country of Origin: Norway

Revelation 666 - The Curse Of Damnation

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Black, Melodic
1. Phantoms Of Mortem Tales
2. Hominis Nocturna
3. In Black Endless Void
4. Unholy Vivid Innocence
5. Passage To Pandemonium
6. Obscure Divine Manifestation
7. World Expiration
8. Into Silence Embrace

Review by Jack on June 14, 2001.

I’m going to try and split this review into two sections. Firstly for the prospect, of this album maybe being original, and if you’d never heard a highly glossy, technological black metal release. The second of the two sections will be criticism for the highly unoriginal release that this CD is.

Old Man’s Child, are a highly talented and influential metal band, in an ocean of black outfits. Tjodalv (one of the founding members of Dimmu Borgir and current drummer of Susperia), Galder (Dimmu Borgir) and Menmock (Susperia) have all fantastic playing ability and it clearly shows on this album. "Revelation 666: The Curse of Damnation" is a fantastic, technological black release that is produced with precision using all the available technology in Tatgren’s Abyss Studio. Songs like "Unholy Vivid Innocence" showcase the band’s legendary musical skills, and outline why Galder is such an asset to the band as vocalist and guitarist. The vocals have been mechanically assisted, but really add to the feel of the album. At times I really do feel this album is better than their earlier release "The Pagan Prosperity" (for which I hold the utmost respect for, I think it is one of the best black releases).

On the other hand, Old Man’s Child latest release can be seen as an unashamed blatant rip-off of Dimmu Borgir’s second latest release "Spiritual Black Dimensions".
Make no mistake, the song titles on this CD are so generic and silly that they do absolutely nothing for the album. Lyrics and song titles do nothing to remove black metal artists from the 'I love Satan' label from which they’re infamous throughout metal, and non-metal circles alike.

Bottom Line: If you like black metal buy this, if you liked "Spiritual Black Dimensions" get this because it’s a much a better release than Dimmu’s effort. If you like innovative, original releases NEVER EVER buy this album.

Rating: 8 out of 10 / 2 out of 10 for originality purposes