Old Man's Child

The Pagan Prosperity

Norway Country of Origin: Norway

1. The Millennium King
2. Behind The Mask
3. Soul Possessed
4. My Demonic Figures
5. Doommaker
6. My Kingdom Will Come
7. Return Of The Night Creatures
8. What Malice Embrace

Review by Death8699 on February 12, 2019.

For melodic black metal to occur, it needs a range of instruments to properly orchestrate an album. The Pagan Prosperity is a prime example of how this should take place. Of course not everything on this album is perfect, but the music, vocals and aura is simply captivating. It took several spins for me to come to this conclusion. Galder does everything right on this recording, creative, innovative, historic and monumental release. The only problem would be the production quality, that’s my only beef with this incredible album. It was such an experience to hear this music and solely appreciate it.

Galder isn’t well known for his abilities to play solos, but rhythms he’s a mastermind at. Entirely original sounding guitar work alongside other instruments that this album impenetrable. His vocals flow with the guitar work totally. He is truly great from this aspect and some of his vocals go along with everything in unison. The main music that includes guitars and synthesizers together simply rips. I love the rhythms the most and if he took out the solos I’d give this album a higher rating. He just doesn’t hack it when it comes to playing leads. But his creation of melodic black metal music is incredibly amazing.

The music here is totally original and sips pores into your brain and it stick in there during this entire album. One of Old Man’s Child’s best recordings. The main things that I enjoyed were the vocals alongside the guitars and synthesizers. Some of it entirely incredible to hear. It gives out an aura that is dark and desolate which suits the genre perfectly. I can’t stress enough how the guitar is so well played along with the other instruments in unison with the rest of the band. I totally respect this band’s output of simply historic music. Galder did so much good here, an amazing effort on his part.

I felt that the drums sounded a little bit flat and the bass guitar wasn’t too well heard during this release. The guitars, synthesizers and vocals mixed well together but just the snare drum was a little bit annoying. Other than that, the album in itself was simply an awesome epic release. I enjoyed it more and more that I heard of it and I’ll admit that I didn’t like this album too much when I first heard it. I thought that it was just average melodic black with no real significance in helping this genre. It took me maybe 4-5 spins before I said to myself “this album simply dominates!”

Rating: 9 out of 10