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Verses Of Steel

Poland Country of Origin: Poland

Verses Of Steel

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Heavy, Thrash
1. Fuel Of My Soul
2. In A Black Sail Wrapped
3. Swallow The Needle
4. The Ark
5. Meltdown Of Sanctity
6. We Died Before We Start To Live
7. Red Shining Fur
8. The Rust That I Feed
9. Silver Meat Machine
10. Boneless
11. Blues Beatdown

Review by JD on June 15, 2011.

As metallists, we have to find the time not to take ourselves too seriously - to have fun while doing what it is what we do. That is my way of thinking after so many years of playing and writing music. That is why I love a serious metal band, who still can just poke fun at things and have a good time while still rockin’ out. Polish Thrash/Crossover masters Acid Drinkers reminded me of that point.

Legends in their homeland, as their fun approach to metal has garnered them notoriety outside of their metal masses, Acid Drinkers seem to have found that perfect balance between being very serious musicians and letting that humorous, almost irreverent, side of their personalities come through. I am glad that I can lend my voice into telling the North American metal scene about them.

Punk infused 'Fuel My Soul' is a track that has a tongue-in-cheek jab at non-drinkers that nearly made me fall out of my chair laughing, while other songs like 'Meltdown Of Sanctity' has a more serious tone to it that perfectly balances everything out. There is no better example of a band I could ever find of a group that is so skilfully adept at being a very serious band, who happens to just want to have a whole fuck load of fun doing it.

Humourous lyrics mixed with some seriously titanic shredding with this crazy feel of some Hardcore Punk, a perfect way to pop open a cold one and relax - it is better (and a whole lot cheaper) than going for therapy for some deep depression. This is my prescription for all of us, use as much as you need - for as long as needed. One more thing, use this prescription with massive quantities of beer.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 9
Atmosphere: 8
Production: 8
Originality: 8
Overall: 9

Rating: 8.4 out of 10