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Als Een Woeste Horde

Netherlands Country of Origin: Netherlands

Als Een Woeste Horde

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Black, Folk, Viking
1. Stilte Voor De Storm
2. I Viking
3. Trollisfarne
4. Jagersmaan
5. Den Ware Held
6. Wolftijd
7. Geboren Uit Oorlogslendenen
8. Krijgers Van Walhalla
9. Helreid Brynhilde

Review by JD on March 2, 2009.

Viking metal certainly has become a amazing sort of movement in the Metal world as of late. I was not quick to jump on the bandwagon when I first started to hear it coming out quite awhile ago, wanting to see how it would start to grow and what it had to offer. I happen to now be a pretty big fan, and I have found a band that really does this sort of thing better than most out there.

Hailing from the small country of the Netherlands, Myrkvar come forth to ride their longboats of metal with swords held high, rape and plunder every stage that they play upon and leave you bloodied and laying on the ground while leaving with their ill gotten gains in their clutches. They do this so well... that I must take the time to throw them a proper salute.

On to the music... The guitars are dense as rock, and heavy enough to be almost Black Metal stirring while the pretty folk parts that lilt out everywhere seem to easily intertwine with the bombastic nature of the band. Those two opposing sort of sides of the band just adds in it's own brand of power while the growling vocals spew forth it's message with a fire unmatched. Despite these lyrics being in a different language than my normal speech, I was still so very transfixed by the sheer power the band exudes.

If you can over look the language barrier, and just enjoy the force of the music as it warps out of the speakers... give Myrkvar a try. The heaviness mixing with the shades of prettiness will win you over... the beast like power will keep you transfixed on the spot.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Atmosphere: 8.5
Production: 8
Originality: 8
Overall: 8.5

Rating: 8.3 out of 10