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The Dissolution of Eternity

Austria Country of Origin: Austria

The Dissolution of Eternity
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Ambient, Dark, Neoclassical
1. As Old As The Bones Of The Earth
2. Thy Fleeing Time
3. A Path In The Dust
4. In The Omnipresence Of Death
5. My Phantasm Supreme
6. Night Before The Vastland Storms
7. Fire´s Dominion
8. The Isolated Vale
9. A Prophecy Of Immortality
10. Wanderer At The End Of Time

Review by Jack on October 26, 2001.

Founded by Tharen (Abigor, Amestigon, Heidenreich and Dominion) in 1997. Tharen has a resume which is more impressive that the head professor’s in Arts of Cambridge University. This guy has seen it all in dark projects that flutter in and out of the metal soundscape. Dargaard was conceived to move away from the constraints of black metal and allow Tharen to express himself more personally through Dargaard’s music. Circa 2001 is composed of Tharen who handles all music, lyrics and male vocals and Elisabeth Toriser (Abigor, Antichrisis and Dominion) handling female vocal duties, Dargaard are a band who will not encounter distractions coming from the normal 5-6 member outfits of similar musical structure.

“The Dissolution of Eternity” is Dargaard’s third album in the experimental darkwave/Gothic genre. “The Dissolution of Eternity” and indeed their past albums are all composed of synthesizer work backed by impeccable vocal duties from both Tharen and Elisabeth. What this equals on a musical front is atmosphere... oodles of atmosphere. “The Dissolution of Eternity” is an album that is geared so much around atmosphere and dynamic mood music that it could be utilised in any medieval or Gothic/horror tinged film. Dargaard would be the perfect composers of films like Elizabeth or Bram Stroker’s Dracula.

Whilst not the usual, standard listen for metalheads, “The Dissolution of Eternity” is an epic tale that many black metallers would fit right at home with despite the absence of bombastic drum and guitar blastings. Lyrically it speaks of ancient times, castles and the like. ‘As Old as the Bones of the Earth’ tells us of the earth and the hardships she has faced over countless millennia and time’s sacrifices that have been demanded. ‘A Path in the Dust’ speaks of person (male or female) or perhaps a party of people fleeing from their home after being banished to try and rediscover themselves anew... elsewhere in the world. Lyrics for “The Dissolution of Eternity” are quite exciting and tell intrinsic and intriguing stories and like a good book Dargaard are quite hard to put down.

Bottom Line: “The Dissolution of Eternity” is pure mood music, and they seem to be pioneering a new wave of Gothic clones alongside them. While it won’t be pulled out everyday, when you require that something special Dargaard is your band.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10