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United States Country of Origin: United States

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 1996
Label: BMG
Genre: Alternative, Progressive, Rock
1. Stinkfist
2. Eulogy
3. H.
4. Useful Idiot
5. Forty Six & 2
6. Message To Harry Manback
7. Hooker With A Penis
8. Intermission
9. Jimmy
10. Die Eier Von Satan
11. Pushit
12. Cesaro Summability
13. Aenema
14. (-) Ions
15. Third Eye

Review by Adam on October 6, 2001.

Aenima is the next step foward from where their previous disc Undertow left off. Tool prove themselves here as ranking high within the ranks of the headphones bands as it is all but too easy to drift away into their dark musical world laced with their unique and hard-hitting style. It has earned them quite a reputation in both the rock and metal spectrums as their music takes several turns in both directions even into the progressive realm of metal from time to time.

Tool, however, have always been like an outsider and with this album they push the boundaries of conventional music even further. Most songs clock in at over five minutes with the last track passing the thirteen minute mark in running time. Throughout the album vocalist, Maynard Keenan, shows off his unique vocal style along with his introspective and, at times, sinister lyrics. He is backed by one of the most talented musical forces in rock and roll including expert percussionist Adam Jones who never fails to astonish with his precision and execution.

Apart from the album's genious you have those moments where this comes in question with the song title of Hooker With A Penis conjuring up many unpleasant thoughts. However, this is just another part of Tool's ugly and insane yet beautiful and dreamy world that has captivated so many music listeners. This disc is both for those metalheads and mainstream rock fans with open minds who can both find qualities in the music from their own musical preferances. It is a rare find in both genres and that in itself is reason enough to rave about the band and this album.

Bottom Line: Listen with an open mind and you will no doubt discover, firsthand, the brilliance of Tool's music.

Rating: 8 out of 10